Monday, February 14, 2011

A Special Valentine's Day Interview

Happy Valentine's day y'all I hope you are all having fun with the people you love?I love this book cover so much I could not wait till Friday to unveil this interview besides the book(Bound to Love) came hot off the presses this morning. I cant remember how Sally and I first met all I know is when it comes to romance you can't get much better than my special valentine's guest Sally Clements, today I dare you to find anything weird about her covers, she is one lucky cover cookie.

Joanna: The cover gods have definitely been good to you, did you just get lucky with both of your covers or did you have to put your feet down nicely to demand excellence?
Sally: I was just incredibly lucky, Joanna! I filled out a sheet on things that featured in Catch Me A Catch which were probably a little wacky sounding - artisan chocolates, a chocolate oscar, transatlantic sailor, yacht, west of Ireland coastline, matchmaking festival - and the wonderful cover artist in The Wild Rose, Tamra Westberry really nailed the whole book with the cover with both chocolates and boats featuring large! And as my blog is Love and Chocolate, it seemed very apt for a first cover :)
With my new cover for my Valentine's Day release, Bound to Love, I somehow struck gold again! Another unusual list: this time featuring things like Ancient egyptian gold jewellery, British Museum, forbidding island, Eiffel tower, redhead with tendency to fling arms about while sleeping (yup! she does!). Different publisher, this time new English Romance publisher Embrace Books, and I was very excited when it was revealed that the covers would be done by The Cover Factory, who also do Salt Publishing's covers (Salt are Embrace's parent publisher).
Joanna: How does it feel to be an Irish writer with books marketed to the American public?
Sally: Well, I've lived in Ireland forever, but I'm actually half English and half Scottish, and I've lived in Singapore and Africa too, so I'm pretty international! I read and love mainly American authors, so for me it's a natural crossover to write to an international audience.

Joanna: How did you discover Embrace books? and what made you think they would be perfect for you?
Sally: A member of my crit group, the fabulous Minxes of Romance, told me about Embrace after they returned from the RNA summer party in 2010. I had a manuscript ready which was based in the British Museum and Paris, and thought it would be nice to publish a book set there with a UK publisher, so I sent it off (and was delighted to have it accepted!)

Joanna: You are a self acclaimed writing class junkie, what are some of the best ones you've attended?
Sally: Gosh, I could go on all day about writing classes. There are some absolutely fabulous ones out there. My favourite would have to be Laurie Schnebley Campbell's classes, she's so insightful and clever, and so encouraging! Other fantastic teachers are Margie Lawson, Shirley Jump, those gals who do Discovering Story Magic, and if you want to know all about editing, then Don McNair has a fantastic course he gives called 21 steps to fog free editing. I edited the first chapter of Catch Me A Catch in his course, then made my first sale - and I'm convinced what I learned from Don played a large part in that.
Joanna: What is the wackiest thing you have done in the name of book research?
Sally: That's a tricky one. I think it would have to be when I was researching one of my as yet unpublished crime novels, and was hassling my doctor sister along the lines of  "I know you've told me about how mummification works, but I really, really need to talk to your friend in the British Museum, can't I have her phone number?" (needless to say, she refused, but forwarded 'what if' emails!)

Joanna: Ibiza, St Tropez or backpacking in Thailand; were would you rather vacation?
Sally: I'm not one for lying in the sun, and I like luxury, so I reckon St Tropez. Wine, glaces, le shopping, what's not to like?

Joanna: For your last book promo you gave away Swarovski Crystals, do you have any interesting giveaways coming up on your blog?
Sally: I gave away some swarovski necklace/earrings on my blog the last time, because I make them for family and friends, and they always seem to go down well! I find because my blog is read by people from all over, I can't really send perishables, but now I have my first ever print book, I'll definitely be offering a few signed ones as giveaways over the next while! but today one lucky commenter will win a copy of Sally's first novel - Catch me a Catch
Jake Forrester, a controlled, self-reliant security expert  scarred by his father’s murder is pursuing his goal of an independent life, relying on himself and logic, until he’s forced to accept the help of an impulsive, spirited goldsmith who follows her instincts, wherever they may lead.
When Tempest MacKenzie witnesses a gorgeous stranger being bundled into a van, she tries to help him, but becomes tangled in a complex web of intrigue. Tempest finds stubborn Jake attractive, compelling and infuriating, his logic the complete antithesis of her reliance on her instincts. And Jake is fascinated and attracted to the feisty redhead.
As they spend time together trying to thwart a heist at the British Museum, the attraction between them flares out of control. The thief has a grudge against Jake, and danger stalks their every move. Will Jake learn to trust Tempest’s intuition, before it’s too late?
About Sally Clememts
Born into a family of voracious readers and consumed by the family affliction, it seemed the natural next step was to write. I started in school, mentally writing poetry while running around the hockey pitch. Nowadays, I keep my running to a minimum, and write instead. I write in two different genres, mystery and romance. The mystery feeds from my love of the unusual facets of life. My romance from my fascination with characters, and how they respond to each other.I live in Ireland, and when I’m not reading or writing, am usually to be found in traffic, driving ‘Mum’s taxi.’
My blog is at
Bound to love available from Amazon and usual resellers: Here's the Amazon link:
Catch me a catch available from Amazon, Wild Rose Press and usual resellers: Here's the Amazon link

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interrogation Room and a giveaway

 Did you ever hear something about dreams coming true when you were a kid? well here is the proof, I bet when she started blogging under another pseudo-name - Lia Bal, she did not know she would have to get serious so soon and become a published author; but it did happen and I am so happy for Angelina Rain; Please check her out - she is good people.

Joanna: You are still sort of an enigma in the blogging world, tell us a little about yourself Angelina: I’m the wife of a bad boy, the evil stepmother of a spoiled ten year old, and the mother of an energetic fur ball. I’ve been writing ever since my late teens, although I haven’t attempted to publish until now. I have a rather boring life so I write to entertain others as well as myself.

Joanna: What made you start writing? Angelina: I’ve wanted to write ever since I was in my early teens and had a dream that I was a bestselling author. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed reading, and after a while everything I read seemed to be the same thing over and over. It was time for me to write something I could enjoy reading.

Joanna: What is your writing process (Plotter or pantser)? Angelina: Both. I start out as a pantser but eventually write an outline and go from there to the end.(at this point I am proud to announce I am slowly dropping my pantser card)

Joanna: Chocolate, books or wine? Angelina: All of the above. Add a hot bath with good music and I’ll be in heaven. A good looking guy wouldn’t hurt, either. (as long as its not Johnny Depp or Enrique we are good)

Joanna: who would you rather? small press or big press? Angelina: Small Press. I write for small press because everything I write is too short for big press. I’m very happy with my first publishing house and the experience I gained through it. E-publishing is growing in popularity and I’m proud to be a part of this new community.

Joanna: I know you want to open up an animal shelter in the future - so your love for animals is apparent, do they often show up in your writing? Angelina: Yes, they do. My contemporary novel (out sometime in late 2011) is about animal abuse so there are a lot of dogs in that book. And in “The Problem with Love Spells”, there’s a werewolf. I can’t say if animals will appear in future books or not as none have been written, however, my current WIP has a cat in it.

Joanna: You write erotic romance amongst other things, how does this slip into conversation when you want to talk about it? Angelina: Oh boy! My in-laws still don’t know I’m getting published. I don’t think they would be happy to hear I’m trying to make a living writing about sex. My family was shocked to hear about it. And with everyone else I say I write romance.(don't 4get to blog about it when you tell them)

Joanna: Is Angelina Rain a pen name? Why did you decide to go with this name? (You will be competing with Ms Jolie for SEO optimization) Angelina: It is a pen name. When I was fifteen I had a dream I was a bestselling author and in that dream I was published under the name Angelina Rain. That name stuck with me. I never really thought of the Angelina Jolie thing, but I guess if any of her fans accidentally stumble upon me and buy my books, I won’t complain. 

Joanna: Why don't you tell us all about your book?
Indecent Encounters
 Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover…
Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers.
Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters.
When you’re cursed to live your whole life unloved, can you really be held responsible for casting a love spell? When Gretchen realizes that her love spell went wrong, her only option is to reverse it before too much damage is done. However, when she wakes with a werewolf and a vampire in her bed, she learns that even reversing a love spell could have its consequences.
~*~ GIVEAWAY ~*~
Angelina Rain is giving away one free copy of “Indecent Encounters” and it could be yours. All you have to do is comment or ask a question (she will answer it in the comments). One lucky winner will be announced on Feb 13th on Angelina’s blog. Leave your e-mail address so Angelina can e-mail you if you win.