Saturday, February 18, 2012

Storytellers Tell Tales

Happy President's day weekend y'all. Yes you read that right y'all. This particular writer has joined the Hillbilly nation and I'm loving it. My radio is permanently on Wmzq (a country music station). No more Steak, Frites and glace for me, I have holidayed in the Snow Shoe mountains of West Virginia, I have heard the cupids shuffle, the electric slide and the cha cha more times than I care to remember, my local karaoke bar is a honky tonk bar.
Okay Maybe I exagerrate a bit, but all of the above is still true. What I left out is the part that I moved to the DC metro area so I am close to the city as well, but I still love my honky tonk existence.
The one thing I have learnt is to treat every journey in my life as an opportunity to learn and grow. I have always liked country music but I never thought I will understand what it means to be country.
I have to tell you as well, everyone here laughs at me when I say I am a hillbilly, they say they will take me serious when I can pronounce the word hillbilly without my peculiar accent.
Ever heard of hush puppies? I don't mean the shoes either! I'll tell you about those another day.
Stay country folks, stay country :)