Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interrogation Room and a giveaway

 Did you ever hear something about dreams coming true when you were a kid? well here is the proof, I bet when she started blogging under another pseudo-name - Lia Bal, she did not know she would have to get serious so soon and become a published author; but it did happen and I am so happy for Angelina Rain; Please check her out - she is good people.

Joanna: You are still sort of an enigma in the blogging world, tell us a little about yourself Angelina: I’m the wife of a bad boy, the evil stepmother of a spoiled ten year old, and the mother of an energetic fur ball. I’ve been writing ever since my late teens, although I haven’t attempted to publish until now. I have a rather boring life so I write to entertain others as well as myself.

Joanna: What made you start writing? Angelina: I’ve wanted to write ever since I was in my early teens and had a dream that I was a bestselling author. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed reading, and after a while everything I read seemed to be the same thing over and over. It was time for me to write something I could enjoy reading.

Joanna: What is your writing process (Plotter or pantser)? Angelina: Both. I start out as a pantser but eventually write an outline and go from there to the end.(at this point I am proud to announce I am slowly dropping my pantser card)

Joanna: Chocolate, books or wine? Angelina: All of the above. Add a hot bath with good music and I’ll be in heaven. A good looking guy wouldn’t hurt, either. (as long as its not Johnny Depp or Enrique we are good)

Joanna: who would you rather? small press or big press? Angelina: Small Press. I write for small press because everything I write is too short for big press. I’m very happy with my first publishing house and the experience I gained through it. E-publishing is growing in popularity and I’m proud to be a part of this new community.

Joanna: I know you want to open up an animal shelter in the future - so your love for animals is apparent, do they often show up in your writing? Angelina: Yes, they do. My contemporary novel (out sometime in late 2011) is about animal abuse so there are a lot of dogs in that book. And in “The Problem with Love Spells”, there’s a werewolf. I can’t say if animals will appear in future books or not as none have been written, however, my current WIP has a cat in it.

Joanna: You write erotic romance amongst other things, how does this slip into conversation when you want to talk about it? Angelina: Oh boy! My in-laws still don’t know I’m getting published. I don’t think they would be happy to hear I’m trying to make a living writing about sex. My family was shocked to hear about it. And with everyone else I say I write romance.(don't 4get to blog about it when you tell them)

Joanna: Is Angelina Rain a pen name? Why did you decide to go with this name? (You will be competing with Ms Jolie for SEO optimization) Angelina: It is a pen name. When I was fifteen I had a dream I was a bestselling author and in that dream I was published under the name Angelina Rain. That name stuck with me. I never really thought of the Angelina Jolie thing, but I guess if any of her fans accidentally stumble upon me and buy my books, I won’t complain. 

Joanna: Why don't you tell us all about your book?
Indecent Encounters
 Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover…
Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers.
Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters.
When you’re cursed to live your whole life unloved, can you really be held responsible for casting a love spell? When Gretchen realizes that her love spell went wrong, her only option is to reverse it before too much damage is done. However, when she wakes with a werewolf and a vampire in her bed, she learns that even reversing a love spell could have its consequences.
~*~ GIVEAWAY ~*~
Angelina Rain is giving away one free copy of “Indecent Encounters” and it could be yours. All you have to do is comment or ask a question (she will answer it in the comments). One lucky winner will be announced on Feb 13th on Angelina’s blog. Leave your e-mail address so Angelina can e-mail you if you win.



  1. Hi Joanna, Hello Angelina,

    The Problem of Love Spells sounds hot! It was great reading about you some more Angelina.

    Thanks for the interview, Joanna!

  2. Terrific questions, Joanna.

    And well answered, Angelina. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Welcome back, Joanna! You've been missing in action ;) We missed you, girl!

    Angelina, here I am again, following you! ;)
    Good luck with the book tour and much success in your book!

  4. Nas, Maria, and Claudia, Thank you all for following my blog tour. You are all so great!

  5. Great interview. I love this kind of story. Is it available as an ebook?

    Good luck with your stories and hopefully your family will be very pleased for your success and supportive no matter what type of content you write! :)

  6. Thanks for a great interview with the lovely Angelina Rain, Joanna St James! I have to say I so love Angelina's name! I think it's so seductive and so works with her fab new saucy anthology!! Take care

  7. Great interview. And welcome back, Joanna.

  8. Kimber Leszczuk., Thank you. Yes, the book is available as en e-book and you could find it on Amazon, All Romance e-books, or my publishers site www.evernightpublishing.c0m

    Old Kitty, thank you. I’m glad you find the name seductive.

    Carol Kilgore, thank you.

  9. hello ladies I have really missed you all and Kitty I think I missed Charlie most of all.
    It takes special people like Angelina to drag me out of hiding but am glad she did.

  10. Hi Joanna, Great to see you again and Great interview. I really enjoyed it. Loved hearing how Angelina came to her pen name. I had a dream when I was teenager similar to that, minus the pen name. Hope mine is as prophesizing as Angelina's! Says she sheepishly.

  11. Great interview, Joanna, Hi, Angelina,

    You book sounds like so much more than a sex novel. You have other key elements to make this a very interesting read.

    Good luck!


    mculi at aol dot com

  12. Hi Angelina, Hi Joanna,

    I'm both a pantser and plotter as well; I hadn't known anyone else wrote that way! Interesting.

    Great interview!

  13. Joanna St. James, thank you so much for letting me into your interrogation room.

    Ann, thank you. Dreams do come true.

    gideon 86, thank you.

    The Golden Eagle, thank you. I don’t know anyone else who writes the same way either. I guess we’re two of a kind.

  14. Great interview Angelina and Joanna!
    Welcome back, Joanna. You were missed :)

    Best wishes with your writing, Angelina!

  15. Oh, what a great interview... very nice. Good luck with your writing, Angelina. (I definitely love that name--especially since my baby sister's name is "Angelica")



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