Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Yesterday, I was supposed to learn all about google alert but here I am google alertknowledgeless, so instead I will tell you what drama prevented me from learning all about google alert instead and talk about google alert later.

Anytime I tell you all a personal story - feel free to use it in a book or at least get wacky ideas for your books from it; here is my story.

So yesterday I was feeling way ahead of myself and even scheduled my blog post (for a pantser that is big right?), when I woke up in the morning I chatted with the hubs online and then at 8.30ish I heard grabby toddler make some noise in his room, so I got up and went in for our usual
"good morning"
"say good morning to mummy"
me with a very sad face "say good morning to mummy"
"a' morning ... drink?"
I pasted my usual mummy is trying to be a morning person smile on my face and turned the door knob - nothing! hmmnn no panic but it does not take a genius to realize grabby toddler has locked himself in the room.
I walk downstairs and ask the mother in law "Mom - do you have the keys to grabby toddlers room?"
and then of course she panics but keeps it downstairs - but what I get from her rapid phone calls is she does not have the keys, so I move on to plan B (sometimes table knives make the best keys)

But yesterday the table knife failed me and grabby toddler started to get hungry, I slipped him some biscuits but he pushed them back out  "DRINK!"

We soon progress down to a stage where my 2 year old is begging me to open the door, he tells me he is sorry and i should open the door - I try to explain that I am trying my best but he is in tears and cant really listen or hear me but at least i am still able to slip him a half drunk capri sun under the door.

The door knob has no screws or anything really and I have torn the fancy golden part apart but the obstinate door is still locked, I ask my son to go stay on his bed so I can break the door open with my shoulders, then the handy man arrives.

The handy man is able to cut the door down in a midst of sparks and a lot of noise (grabby toddler is deathly terrified of loud noises) when we eventually found him a lil over 2 hours later he was hiding under his duvet but you could tell he had been under the bed too - his head was covered with dust mites and lint.

He recovered fast enough to say thank you to the handy man - a man nice enough who refused to get paid because he says my mother in law reminds him of his mother and he could never make his mother pay him, my mother in law says this happens every time he comes to do some work for her.

So what do you think peeps fact or fiction and who do you identify with the most in the story?



  1. I think fact! I lived with a family once whose child would routinely lock himself in a room by accident. They took the doors off, except I had to draw the line at removing our shared bathroom door.

  2. Fact! This happens with little kids from time to time.

    I'd identify with the handyman.

  3. Oh no! I feel bad for grabby toddler, but I really feel the mommy perspective! My knobs have little holes in the middle and long, skinny Lego pieces work as my emergency keys.

    Sweet handy man!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a day. I hope your son has recovered from his fright. But it'll make a fun story someday.

  5. wow!!! What a fiasco! Glad your little one was okay though.

    But I can totally see that situation in a book. The handyman could be the love interest for the mom coming to her son's rescue. How about that?

  6. It is a fact. Always happens with kids. My two and a half year old GD keeps locking doors, but then I taught her how to open from inside. As soon as she goes in a room she'll close the door and lock. My husband is a builder amd he also gets lots of calls so off he'll go with his power tools and take the door off from the hinges!

  7. I would say fact.

    Thank goodness for the handyman!

  8. grabby toddler made this story in the first place...credits to him....tho he messed up shedules for evry1 in the house...

  9. Fact? Cos it's so mad it has to be!! Awww it's mum I feel sorry for most!! Just think of the worry!!! The handyman sounds just a tad to lovely but then it's having lived in London that makes me a little cynical!! Why can't the handyman be a nice man?!?!

    Who needs google alerts when this maybe fiction but could be fact story is a million times more riveting?!!? :-) Take care

  10. Hi Joanna!

    I'm going to go with...fact. And I most identified w/ you in the story. My too-rough-with-her-baby-brother toddler once locked herself in my bedroom with said baby brother. But I didn't have quite so fancy of a door knob & so was able to disassemble it and get in pretty quickly.

    If this is true---that poor baby! He must've been so scared with the loud noise and sparks.

  11. As they say fact is stranger than fiction. This is a terrifying story and I can just feel the tension you felt for that time. I've heard this happening to others and the various ways they solved it depended where the room was situated.
    I'm sure grabby little toddler had to give mummy lots of hugs for the rest of the day..:)

  12. I most identify with mummy trying to be a morning person. Only I am a morning person, but I often put on the "yes I care about what your'e saying" face when really I just want to be left alone. This happens morning, noon and/or night.

  13. Yikes, and I thought locking my 2yr old in the school kitchen for 2 minutes the other day was scary enough. I can't believe your son didn't get hysterical, my 2 yr old would have flipped out completely. Do you have the handy man on speed dial now? ;)

  14. HA! I feel your pain. My DD, at about the same age, locked me out of the house. I went to check the mail and she'd closed the door and locked it. I finally located ONE window, on the second floor, that was opened. Found a neighbor with a ladder and somehow overcame my terror of heights to get inside.

    Kids. :-/


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