Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Post

I have added some extra pages to my outline  and I am so tempted to dump my NaNo novel and start on this new one. Something keeps on telling me to wait though, I wont be ready to start till I can answer "what would Dahlia do?" at every occassion.
What do you think of the name Dahlia? what kind of person do you think she would be?

On another note today, my son has graduated from feeding my laptop OJ to installing malicious software on it (Operation kill the Competition is in full swing). I shut down my laptop and left the room for a few minutes only to come back and find him staring intently at it, the three screens he had open said microsoft security has removed malicious software from the computer but it will not show my homepage because the html code has been changed (all thanx to our resident toddler).
Everyone in the plane thot I was crazy, but this is a nice Aerial view of a beach somewhere in Corsica


  1. That picture is beautiful. Imagine having a private beach like that?

    When I think of Dahlia, I immediately think - wealthy, quiet, redhead.

  2. Ooh, naughty clever little son! Gorgeous pic, and yes, what does Dahlia do?

  3. I'm pretty sure no one will give you a hard time if you dump your NaNo novel :)

  4. Dahlia, sounds a bit sexy....

    NaNo dumped? Say it isn't so.... just a few more days of complete pain-in-the-bottom (I mean it, this chair is awful)work to do and you'll be finished. Forever. Can't believe people do it more than once!

  5. Beautiful photo.

    Whenever I think of the name Dahlia, I think of the true life murder written as "Black Dahlia"...but that's just me. I read too many mysteries. I know a girl named Dalia and she's lovely.

    I also know what you mean about getting an idea and wanting to drop all other project to write it.


  6. I thought of the movie, too...but I can't remember anything about it (except wasn't Tom Cruise in it?). I like the name.

    If I have to keep typing my NaNo project, so do you.

    Try not to throttle the toddler, someday you'll appreciate all the rotten things he does when he's cute like this. When they get bigger, the rotten things get more rotten and not so cute!

  7. Love the pic! That's crazy that your son could get malware on your computer.

  8. Beautiful photo! And oh, I know it's trying, but your son sounds sooooo cute!

    I love the name Dahlia. She sounds a bit high maintenance, though - that could just be me!

  9. I got high maintenance just like Talli. I love the name though,especially if she starts out like that and has a life changing event that brings her down to earth. I've had that malware happen too and I'm suspecting teens. So, even when they get older they never learn. Good luck with your laptop and since NaNo is personal, you can quit anytime especially if there is something better to write. :D

  10. Awww, your son sounds so cute... and a handful. Don't drop your nano for this new idea. Just put the idea away until you're ready to write it.

    When I hear the name Dahlia, I imagine someone tall with long black hair and green eyes. Someone with a lot of money and a well connected family (like politics or mafia). Someone who is hiding a secret that would destroy that family. Okay, so all of the sudden I have an idea brewing in my head too.

  11. See, I don't understand the point of writing a novel during NaNo month if you just hate it and dump it. You should put your time into a story you love to write, so why waste a month on something that just annoys you? Anyway, I say dump it if you don't like it all that much. And the name Dahlia? Hmmm. I think of a rich snobby girl from New York. Oh, during the 1950s or 60s. Kind of a Twiggy-esque type girl. Huge eyes and a daddy with endless amounts of cash. Does that help you out at all? ☺

    ♥ Mary Mary

  12. Your son sounds cute & adorable. And naughty!

  13. Gorgeous photo!!
    I keep my 'work' computer locked up in my office. My boys can't go near it because, based on the one I leave in the kitchen for their use, I'm convinced that they can take a computer down just by breathing on it.
    Your toddler sounds so cute...and nurtering. He must think your computer is a pet;)

  14. Okay - right now I'm wishing for the superpower to transport myself because beach looks delightful.
    Best of luck with your computer, and new idea...

  15. The name Dahlia makes me think of a local radio personality. She's got a deep voice and plays love songs all night. Oh, wait, it's Dahlilah, but close enough. :)

  16. I love the name Dahlia, Joanna. So much so that I've got a character in my WIP with that name.

    Great picture, by the way.

  17. Oh dear, love it when toddlers press buttons. Hugs, hope it's not too badly broke :(

    Love the pik too :)


  18. Eee, I know how you feel! All these shiny new ideas keep distracting me...


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