Monday, November 1, 2010

Woo Hoo Bank Holiday! and another giveaway

Woo Hoo its a bank holiday in France today! Is somebody getting green with envy? Don't be, you guys have eaten enough candy to get a hangover this morning. So how was Halloween? It was fun seeing everyone get excited online.
Thank you all for coming out to Support Christine Bell on her release day, She had a lot of fun and without further Ado I shall announce the winners for the friday giveaway

Rachel Harrie
Amie Kaufman
Terri Anne Stanley

Congratulations and please send me an email so we can work out the logistics of your loot.

I did say I was going to have a hundred followers giveaway on Thursday but here we are on Monday and we are at 122 so we shall call this giveaway
All you have to do is comment on my posts till Wednesday letting me know what genre you read and I shall select 3 lucky winners and have new books in their genre shipped to them by the Book Depository.
If you also want to advertise this giveaway on your blog I shall be a happy bunny.
Lastly NaNoWriMo has started and in true Pantser style I have not written a word yet (yeah I'll blame it on my pantsing skills and not because I like to procastinate). But in the light of the work I expect to do this month I shall try to limit my blogging schedule to Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays .
Are you NaNoing? How is it going so far? don't forget to tell me what genre you read so I can enter you in the giveaway.


  1. Woo Hoo! Yay! I'm nano-ing. 1354 words so far, but I probably should take a break and do some work-work. I mean, just in case my boss drops in.

  2. Reading? Women's literature darling! x I read a whole mix, paranormal, historical romance, contemporary romance, see there's a theme here. ;))

    Have a fab week and good luck with Nano!!! - Hey, bank holiday? - perfect for starting!! ;)

  3. Hi Jo and congrats on the followers. I've stopped from my house cleaning (brother in law visiting Weds)to have a blog rest.
    I tend to read chick lit, literary fiction & autobiogs (not biogs.)My fav author is Andrea Levy. Who's your fav author? Good luck with nanothingy. :O)

  4. I’m doing NaNo this year and I’m very excited about it. I have a brilliant idea for a romantic suspense (that’s what I like to read the most, although I read everything) and I can’t wait to start writing it. Unfortunately, I have to go to work first.

  5. I am not doing NaNo. It is a bit too scary for me. I read fiction. Historical fiction, Chick Lit, some fantasy, well most everything really except horror and I am not much on the gory murder stuff. Favorite authors range from Jane Austin, Nuala O'Faolain, Maeve Binchy...oh I could go on but I won't.

    Congrats on the follower count!

  6. Well, I like this game, let's play. I read literary stuff and Noir. That's about it. It's wide enough of a playing field.

    Also, congrats on the blog followers, you're on a roll lady!

  7. Since it's only November 1st, I think you can cut yourself a tiny bit of slack on the whole not writing anything yet, lol. Wow, I wish I knew how you were doing it with 120 followers! Share your secret! I read mostly romance but if its a good book, theres very little I won't read and enjoy.

  8. Congratulations! That's awesome! :D

    I read most everything YA! :D

  9. Banks get holidays?! ;-)

    Good luck with NaNo!!

  10. No NaNo for me. I am going to use the next couple of weeks to get some reading done.

    Ref: genres
    I'll read across all genres, but my favorite is historical.

  11. I SO WISH I was in France.

    Anyway, good luck with NaNo. I didn't decide to do it this year, perhaps next? Congrats on all your followers ~ you deserve them all you fabulous girl!

    I read historical fiction and almost any popular fiction.

  12. Happy Bank Holiday! Lucky!

    I read rom coms and actually, pretty much anything! Congrats on the well over 100 followers now!

  13. Cool giveaway. Congrats on not-100 and not-150 followers! I read YA Paranormal and Fantasy (mostly paranormal).

  14. Congrats to your winners, and to you for reaching so many followers. :)

    Currently I'm reading a YA Paranormal, but I also like middle grade. Yes, I know, I haven't ever grown up!

  15. Squeee! Thank you so much (*bounce*)!!!

    My favorite of favorite genres are Paranormal and Dystopian :)


  16. I'm part of the NoNaNoWriMo movement this year. My current WIP is chuffing along nicely so I'm not going to spit in my Muse's eye by starting something new.

    Congrats on the impressive following. I can but wish to emulate your success on my humble site. And as far as my fav genre: chicklit definitely.

  17. Congrats to the winners!

    You are too funny Joanna!

    Fave genre to read? or write? :-O I love paranormal (weres mostly) to read. I write contem romance. :)

  18. My nanoing is not going so good so I'm glad I'm not alone. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.


  19. Congrats on the followers kiddo. You move fast. NaNo is going well for me - Day 2. I'm anal, so I must get over 1400 words a day, pantser or not. I got a lovely surprise today when my MC's BFF revealed herself to be a black American. Caught me totally by surprise. Just the feisty way she was sassing around. It so totally works!

    Shaddup now girl. Now genre? I have at least 4 on the go at once - lovely women's fiction like Anita Shreve, drool drool, a recent paranormal reader of Nora Robert's type, travel narratives, and I love crime/mystery/psychological thrillers - aka Kathy Reiks, James Patterson, Michael Connolly et al. Am I entered enough?

    Why am I blogging? I should be NaNoing..:)

  20. Woo! This is the first time I've ever won something, I'm so excited!

    I'm a bit behind on NaNo too, but it's early days, right? Right?

    I'm a middle grade reader, every sort imaginable!

  21. Congratulations, Joanna, on having way past 100 followers.

    I'm not doing NaNo but I'm keeping the spirit of the month by working harder on the writing and trying to churn out more WORDS.

    I read general fiction. One of my favourite authors is Barbara Kingsolver. I also like Scandinavian crime writers like Henning Mankell.

    Wield your pen like a sword, my dear! :-0

  22. Ohh, let me see... I'm not very good with genres, I don't have a preference... Well, I will go with YA! :)

    Thaanks for the giveaway!



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