Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Et là tu dit encore plus s'il vous plait

Random Fact of the day: google translate is your friend : D

If I were shallow enough to follow people based on their profile pictures (which I totally am) one of the people I would follow regardless of what she posted is Brenda Drake, luckily for me she's beautiful and knows her craft (writing) so its a win win situation for me.

Last week she gave me and a few other awesome bloggers the Lovely blog award, and I thought to myself, hey! why not wait till you have a truly lovely blog to go with the truly lovely award, so ladies and gentlemen without further ado I present to you The Lovely Blog Award
It's pretty right?
Anyways I think my beautiful followers with their thoughtful and insightful comments have made this blog what it really is. You are the lovelies that make this blog lovely so bisous a vous.
I am supposed to pass this on to 15 awardees whom I shall announce later after I have done my research

The Spotlight Series re christened the Interrogation Room starts this Friday and our first guest is........
Liz Fichera! she is going to be hanging out with us on Friday and I cannot wait, probably because she is a tea lover and an amazing author.
Tomorrow we shall be talking about synopses and what make them tick (yeah I have outlined my blog schedule till Friday the 29th), my plotting half is coming out (I wish!)
My WIP is still sitting mainly untouched I have not edited or anything I just had two ideas to make it better so I picked up my book and jotted my ideas on the pages I needed them to go and then I put the book down. I promise you nothing happened.

How are you all doing today?
This is my eye candy for the day his name is Stromae he is a Belgian/Rwandan Singer I like him cos he is very quirky


  1. "Et là tu dit encore plus s'il vous plait"

    That was an interesting title...I'm a 3rd year french student and I think that says in a rough me trying to translate way- "Et" = and "là"= there? "tu dit"= you read "encore plus"= again more "s'il vous plait"....hmmm which means roughly please read more, or again....LOL this was kind of fun- I didn't even have to use a dictionary.

  2. Loved your title! I used Translator just yesterday to translate into Portuguese. Of course, writing It's Ernesto, he's dead, isn't quite as fun.

    Congratulations on the award.

  3. "Say something again, please"?

    oh, la la! I'll definitely be checking out Stromae's (cool name!) songs.

  4. Surely you're not that shallow (though my profile pic is quite fetching...)

  5. J'espere que les greves te font pas chier. Moi oui. lol. French strikes suck.

  6. Alas, how quickly I've forgotten the French language - (and I was studying it at degree level too!)

  7. @ Summer and Liz you are very close, very close
    @ creepy Qgirl some irritant was yelling on my street with a PA system for a whole hour at nap time - I was not pleased.
    @ Candyland I think the only other person shallower than me is Victoria Beckham
    @ Barbara please dont kill Ernesto
    @ Donna I studied french at Uni too for about 2 years I am just picking it up again since I moved here in June

  8. 'He hon he hon he hon' said with a French accent, naturelment. Congrats on the lovely blog award. It certainly is and you too, naturelment. I spent today reorganising and cleaning kitchen cupboards. I also took a walk and took a photo to accompany for my Cinderella's blog fest entry. MY WIP is waiting for me to get on with it! :O)

  9. Three cheers for google.translate. I once used it to communicate with a receptionist in Paris and blow me down if he didn't write back in English to say how good my French was. Hoot! Hoot!

    Congrats on your award Joanna. It suits your new skin that you're in.

    Phew, I'm impressed with you blogging scheduling. I'm a pantser there too!

  10. Is it sad that I feed your fish every time I come here? I mean, I know they're not real, they don't have feelings and yet, I still have to drop in a pellet or two.


  11. I'm going to a little B&B getaway today. Looking forward to a nice dinner out. :)

    Congrats on another award!!

  12. I've always wondered if Google Translate was very accurate. Your French blog post title brings back memories of my high school French class with Madame Durst. I loved her! She was a real live French woman, not an American teaching French. Although I am sure that American's can teach French, too. You know what I mean. :)


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