Friday, October 8, 2010

My Line up

Okay I have exciting news for y'all, this pantsing blogger has made some plans for the month of October, okay for the last two weeks and I am excited.
First of all I am going to start a series called "in the spotlight", but instead of it being a stage spotlight it will be more like the office desk lamp in the police interrogation room. I promise I'll be nice.
I have two confirmed authors for this month and am working on getting more, I am also open to suggestions and volunteers for my spotlight project so feel free to get in touch, am on twitter and my email address is right here by your right (
Finally TGIF don't forget the Beta party blogfest over at Erica's (see yesterdays post for more details) and Kathryn at The Nut press is having a Wales Blog Party lets all turn out for the bloggers in Cymru(that's welsh for Wales) she's got dragon cakes and a blogging squirrel who does not want to share his nuts.
Thanx to chatting with my CP I also know my blog post for monday - Becoming a Writer in Residence.
ha ha I love skating close to plottersville and planning ahead.
I shall leave you with this picture, its a follow up for my Formule un craving I took this picture in Monte Carlo and it showed up in one of my manuscripts. Check out the engine on this baby.

that is the Jack Sprat I married


  1. How fun I'm looking forward to it!!! I'm not an author yet, no published books or I would have volunteered!!! Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Great car, and is that really your husband? Because he's cute. I bet your baby is adorable. Will look forward to the spotlight!

  3. Hi Jen It does not have to be authors only, i could have supremo bloggers in the mix too or the occasional actor (in my dreams, actresses need not apply).
    @Karen yep that's my hottie, to my utter horror girls still try to pick him up so I am planning to tatoo a sign on his forehead that says "this is my geek!"

  4. Sounds like a great week ahead~ I love hearing from authors about their writing journey!

  5. That car is hawt! (And so is your hubby, you lucky girl!) :-) Have a great weekend!

  6. The panster planning out October? Way to go! I hope you enjoy it. Good luck. :)

  7. Some great things coming up. Cant wait.


  8. OOh, he's a cutie! :)

    Great line-up. Looking forward to the month ahead!

  9. Hi Joanna, good to 'meet' you - thanks for visiting my blog! Well done Kath for getting everyone together.

  10. Does the car come with the hottie or the other way around? ;)

    Thanks for the Blog Party shout out - the squirrel's still not giving up his choccie peanuts. *sigh*

    I'll be back to read your Writer-in-Residence blog post. I'm interested in how that all works. See you Monday!

  11. Hi Joanna ! : ) Just popping by to say Hello via The Nut Press Wales Blog Party - looks like some very interesting stuff on your blog so I shall be back ... looking forward to reading your Writer-In-Residence blog post too..

  12. Hi Joanna, your hubby sure is hot, :) and you say you drive speed cars? wow. I would love to volunteer for the spotlight feature if you're still looking. Cheers...

  13. Hi Joanna,
    I, too, visited Erica for her Beta party. I'll visit Wales Blog party as well ;)
    Could you give us more details about your "in the spotlight" project? I'm intrigued now. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi again,
    Forgot to tell you, I'm following you on Twitter :) My invite is under greenissexy ;)

  15. Hi Joanna

    He is cute.

    You sound very organised with this blogging malarkey!

    good to make your aquaintance. I found you through Madeleine.

    warm wishes

  16. hey joanna, taking a look at your blog from Kaths blog party! I like your in the spotlight idea, sounds interesting - all the best with it! Cool picture and v cool car! X


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