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The Interrogation Room I am bursting with pride to present to you a very special person, Here name is Liz Fichera, If you think I have nice blog manners, well I learnt it all from her she is the sweetest person I have met in miles and if I don't have blog manners well the tutorship is still ongoing - Shush Liz does not know I am stalking tutoring with her. Liz is going to be hanging out with us all day (yes I glamourized her with my bubbles) so feel free to ask any questions, visit her blog or leave a comment to cheer her on

I decided to change the name of this series from the spotlight series to the Interrogation room, because when I looked around me I realized that idea must have been planted in my brain by the other spotlight on author series in Bloggyland. This is going to be more like the Jay Leno show where the interviewee has to jump through hoops before they get to promote their idea.
I even have a(use your imagination or IPod) musical act; Muse - Resistance

Ladies and Gentlemen, feel free to stand behind the mirror I give you Liz Fichera 
  1.  Joanna: So you are going to be stranded on the Bionic Island and I can only let you have one thing what will it be and why?
Answer:  Chocolate.  I cannot get through a day without at least one nibble of something chocolate.
  1. Joanna: What made you start writing?
Answer: I was painfully shy as a kid.  I learned from a young age that I was better at expressing myself through written words than spoken ones.  It probably had something to do with being the “Jan Brady” middle child of my family, among other things.  Plus I’ve always had an overactive imagination.  I would rather write stories than just about anything else, and I’ve felt that way since forever.   
  1. Joanna: How many manuscripts did you write before you hit Pay dirt and nailed your voice?
Answer:  I struggled with voice with my first two novels (which will never see the light of day).  I made the mistake of listening to people who told me what my “voice” should be rather than writing from my heart.  By my third book, I finally hit my stride.  My third book, however, was not my first published book.  Small tease: My third book will be published next year, although I’m not yet able to completely reveal the details. Stay tuned. J 
  1. Joanna: If you could move anywhere, where would be your ideal location?
Answer:  Anywhere with an ocean.  I love the sound of water, particularly huge, crashing, gorgeous waves. I’ve been to Kauai several times and if money and time were no object, I would definitely move to that unbelievably beautiful island.  And then promptly search for all of those hunky guys on Hawaii Five-0!  Naturally, I would also want my own private jet to fly to the mainland whenever I needed my city fix or if I ran out of chocolate.  A girl can dream.
  1. Joanna: What kind of scenes are the hardest for you to write?
Answer: All of them!  Just because I love to write, it doesn’t mean that writing is easy.  It has become easier the more I write, but I am still constantly learning, constantly improving.  I always want to get better.  I’m never fully satisfied.  It’s a sickness. 
  1. Joanna: Okay, tell us about your first published book.
Answer:  CAPTIVE SPIRIT is my first published novel.  It’s a historical romance set in the sixteenth century in the Sonoran Desert.  It was published by Carina Press in June, and I totally heart the Carina editors for loving my story.  It was also my first attempt at a historical, and I can’t wait to write another one.  I think I enjoyed doing the research almost as much as I did writing the story of Aiyana and Honovi.  Plus, I love the epic themes, richness, passion, and drama of historicals.  It has become one of my favorite genres to read and write. Okay don't you just love this cover?
Back Cover Copy for CAPTIVE SPIRIT:
Sonoran Desert. Dawn of the sixteenth century.

Aiyana isn’t like the other girls of the White Ant Clan. Instead of keeping house, she longs to compete on the Ball Court with her best friend Honovi and the other boys. Instead of marriage, she daydreams of traveling beyond the mountains that surround her small village. Only Honovi knows and shares her forbidden wish, though Aiyana doesn’t realize her friend has a secret wish of his own…

When Aiyana’s father arranges her marriage to a man she hardly knows, she takes the advice of a tribal elder: Run! In fleeing, she falls into the hands of Spanish raiders and finds herself being taken over the mountains against her will. Now Aiyana’s on a quest to return to the very place she once dreamed of escaping. And she’ll do whatever it takes to survive and find her way back to the people she loves.
Watch the trailer here

About Liz:  Liz Fichera is the author of CAPTIVE SPIRIT, her debut historical romance novel from Carina Press.  She prefers to write about ordinary people who do extraordinary things, oftentimes against the backdrop of Native American legends in the American Southwest.  Please visit Liz at her web site ( or blog ( because it can get real lonely in the desert.


  1. Thank you Liz for coming over this is fun

  2. Bonjour, Joanna! Thanks for having me here today. I brought the virtual espresso, in case anyone's thirty. Wine will have to come later.

  3. aaw Liz, its night in Fiji so we can break open the bubbly now I won't tell

  4. Great interview! I love especially how Liz finally found her voice. Congratulations to her on her new book!

  5. Hi Mary Anne, and thank you! It was a liberating moment the day I found my voice, truly. It was kind of like learning how to speak all over again.

  6. Oooo that sounds like it would make a fine movie too...



  7. I HEART you, Lou! :-)

    Yeah, wouldn't that be cool? A girl can so dream...

  8. We're spirit sisters, Liz! I can't get through a day without chocolate, either. And I so, so, so want to live next to the ocean. I did for 12 years - and I miss it terribly.

    CAPTIVE SPIRIT would make a terrific movie. It's ages since I read the book and yet the characters still live on in my mind. I loved it!

  9. Aw, Thanks so much, Shirley! I've never lived anywhere near the ocean. At this point, I'd even settle for a lake!

  10. Great interview!! Hope you girls have a wonderful weekend!

  11. This is a great interview, though I was expecting more hoops, lol. That is one book I'll definitely read. Congrats on the next book too.

  12. Hi, Myne!

    Thanks and nice to meet you! If it's any consolation, Joanna sent me her questions with handcufffs and she took away my chocolate (but has kindly returned it) ;-)

    Hope you enjoy the book - stay in touch and let me know what you think!

  13. Wonderful interview! I love oceans, too.

    And I love Liz's blog! Thanks, ladies.

  14. Lovely interview ladies! Liz - I'm also a middle child and used to read alot and write stories in a quiet nook away from my bossy sisters. LOL. I also love the ocean. Congrats on your book!! And your second one too. I will definitely be adding it to my list. ;)

    Joanna - the Muse track is one of my all time favourites!!

    Can we crack open the wine now? Its getting late here. ;D

  15. oh by all means crack open all bottles in sight, i have been indulging all day so am not sure if i have 2 of everything or i am seeing in doubles. Its Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What a fun interview. Especially interesting about how Liz found her voice. And the beach... oh the beach! Congrats Liz... and great interview Joanna.

  17. Hi Talli,

    Hugs to you! At least you didn't have to travel too far to get here, right? Used the Chunnel, I presume? ;-)

  18. Did someone say wine?!

    Hi Talei,

    So, you can relate? Glad to hear that. It's the spot only a middle child would truly understand. Thanks for adding me to your TBR pile! Much appreciated.

  19. Hi DL,

    Thanks! Yep, finding my own voice was key. It's amazing what can happen when you throw well-intentioned advice and rules out the window.

  20. Joanna,

    Wait for me--I need to catch up! I'm still on espresso but will be switching to wine toute de suite!

  21. Such a great interview. Loved the questions--and the answers.

    And now I know your weakness, Liz. I can hold you hostage with chocolate. (We're both goners. LOL)

  22. Hi Maria,

    Thanks! I loved Joanna's idea about making it "Jay Leno-ish." More fun that way.

    Hey, take away my chocolate and there's no telling what I'll do. ;-) It's not pretty.

  23. If we think you have bad blog manners, we've no right, since we're all working on manners in one way or another. :)
    Great interview, I mean, interrogation!
    (I hope it's just me - the pics aren't loading)

  24. I'm with your interviewee, I find writing hard as well. I couldn't find a part of writing I find easy.

    Great interview.


  25. MT, Thanks!

    Regarding the pics, yeah, Blogger has been giving us all fits lately. I had a similar problem with pics last week on my own blog.

  26. Hi Clarissa,

    Thanks! And so glad I'm not alone on that. In fact, since I started mentioning it to my writer friends, you'd be surprised how many say the same exact thing!

  27. I really enjoyed this post. Great questions, Joanna! The book sounds great, Liz!

  28. Great interview. You are such a fabulous writer, it's cool to read how you progressed in your craft.

  29. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Appreciate it!!

  30. Thanks, Susanna! Thanks also for all your support. xo

  31. Great interview Joanna, Fun questions. I could idnetify with lots of the replies too.Congrats to Liz :O)

  32. Hi Madeleine, and thanks! I take it you're a middle child too? :-)

  33. Lovely post! I really enjoyed the interview. Sounds like a great book to read!

    Joanna, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my story :-))


  34. Great interview ladies! And love the sound of the book!

    Saw your comment on Rach's blog Joanna, will you be joining the Crusade? Lovely to virtually meet you!

    Liz, will pop over to your blog now! :D

  35. Doris and Marieke,

    So great to meet you here too! Thanks much for visiting my blog today and for your kind comments.

  36. LOVELY POST! congrats on your new book Liz

  37. Joanna and Liz you rocked this out!!! I loved it!!! The Interrogation Room is a huge hit!

  38. Thanks Jobs and Jen!

    And thank you, Joanna! It was wonderful spending time with you these last couple of days! Your blog rocks!! The bubbles, wine, espresso, pain au chocolat--all were delish! xoxo

  39. Oh Liz, the pleasure was all mine am glad u had fun. i have been kidnapped by the toddler, i have given countless hi5s and done some strange aerobics while he pinched my knee caps.
    Thanx guys u all made this awesome it could not have rocked without you all.

  40. The novel sounds wonderful. I imagine it would be fascinating to do all of that research. Congratulations!

  41. Love the questions, love the atmosphere (music and all), love the answers! Chocolate and hot guys by the ocean. If that all works out, Liz knows she's going to have visitors, right?


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