Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writerly Websites

Okay my only other companion is happily ensconced in yoghurt cups so I am going to type this as fast as I can before my little green baby comes back.

First of all thank you all for your comments yesterday, I am now struggling with how to please you all but am sure I will find a happy medium. If you are interested in reading my reviews, you can find them on my goodreads page (look to your left easy clickey button).

I have received  a couple of very humbling emails lately and that is the reason for today's post, I remember the first time I got out of my ego induced haze of "writing is easy, I will pen a masterpiece when I am ready". It was a little under two years ago I penned a short story and sent it out to Harlequin Spice Briefs, I got a form rejection two months later. Within those two months I learnt a couple of things; I am definitely not a spice brief writer and this writing business(like every good thing out there) is not easy.
I spent months hurting and lurking b4 the husband finally pushed me out on the web, and even though there are loads of crazy information out there, I have compiled a list of helpful websites for writers that I have found (feel free to add yours to the list and I will update it to mine if you would like to share).

Nelson Literary Agency 
Query Shark
Editorial Anonymous
Evil Editor
Writers Beware
Agent Query
Publishers Marketplace
Preditors & Editors
AutoCrit - Not free but even the free trial rocks
Emotional Thesaurus
Charlotte Dillon I cannot over emphasize this website
Kathy Carmichael
Listen to the Voices
Absolute Write
Writers Net
Romance Writers of America Open worldwide

I would love to know what your "can't live without" writerly websites are, as for pictures today how about something a little gardeney from Nice and a little artsy from Cannes

Have a nice day


  1. I can't live without LOL Cats....

  2. I rely so much on the Web for info. on writing that I find it hard to imagine what it was like in pre-Web days. That's a great list of writerly websites. I can't immediately think of any sites to add.

    I won't say that I absolutely couldn't manage without my little writing room, but it is very important to me to have that dedicated space.

    Gorgeous photos of Nice and Cannes that gave me a pleasurable reminder of a holiday a few years ago. Thanks!

  3. Great links and love the photos. Thanks for stopping by my post!

    Since I can give up to 30 awards, I've added your link to my award list. So come by my blog and get your award! :D

  4. You seem to have got them all. Also following some writer bloggers is good too.

  5. What a great list of links! Um, er... I like the BookEnds blog and also Nathan Bransford. Isn't the Internet great? Oh, and also Help! I Need a Publisher.

  6. I like the artsy picture a lot!

    Your hubby sounds like my hubby. It's good to have someone believe in you.

    I don't think I could live without the web, or write without it either. I'm heading toward self-publishing and ebooks. That's something you couldn't have done as easily even 5 years ago.

  7. Oh, wow! You put my website there! Among those other writer's website. I'm honored. Thank you.


  8. Thanks so much for mentioning the Emotion Thesaurus! I can see I'm among excellent company--what an honor!

    Hugs and happy weekend!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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