Friday, October 1, 2010

Storyboard 105: Lets get quirky and emotional

Yay! thanx to being forgetful I don't have to do a Saturday post. This has been fun, lets do it again sometime soon.
Today I will be examining what draws my H&h together and what keeps them apart. Other things you could also examine on your own are the obstacles they need to overcome (internal conflicts), turning points and dark moments.
Apart from Lambert's insanely good looks, Ashley is drawn to Lambert because her subconscious  recognizes him as her savior and her challenge, the day they meet she is forced to think about all the memories she has cowardly buried in the recess of her mind. To be or not be with Lambert she has to choose between confronting her fears or being a wimp.
Lambert on the other hand is attracted to Ashley because he thinks she is beautiful, different and perfect for his lifestyle.

What keeps them apart? ha ha I love this, this is where I get to play creator the obstacles they face are entirely up to me and all they can do is try to get around it. : )
most of Ashley's fears are easily recognizable and its easy for everyone including Lambert to tell her to face it which she will eventually do, but Lambert on the other hand is so complex he makes an art out of burying his fears (good luck finding them Ashley!).
I love the fact that like most relationships they both struggle to adapt to make it work, its fun watching Lambert realize that Ashley is perfect for him but not perfect for his lifestyle and what he does to rectify the situation so they can get their HEA.
The End
Did u love life in plottersville? I had fun, I might try it again.

Day 1 in my temporal single mother status ended with a migraine and my 2 year old not sleeping till 11 bcos he kept on waiting for dada to come home. We all miss him. Anybody out there in Fiji?


  1. Plottersville is great. I'm sure it was just as helpful to you as it was for us to see you work through it.


  2. Plotting is fun! It's fun to be the one pulling the strings for a change.


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