Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me Please!

Yay! someone throw some confetti and break out the bubbly. Yours truly has been given her first award in bloggyland - the versatile blogger award by Madeleine

Award Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and provide a link to their blog
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (Not compulsory, but am just dying to)
3. Pass the award along to 5 other bloggers whom you have recently discovered and whose blogs you think are fantastically versatile/ resourceful/functional/adaptable.
4. Contact those bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about their award.

The 7 things I hate/love about me
  1. I admit to being one of those people who thought writing would be easy, now I realise writers just have the gift of making it look effortless.
  2. I feel very guilty when my son insists I hold him with both hands, so that I cannot touch my laptop anymore.
  3. When My son was 1 he started hiding my books
  4. I have 2 postgraduate degrees which I currently don't use.
  5. Contrary to the misconception I must have caused with my post yesterday, I am not a Writer in Residence am a SAHM. You have to be published to become a WiR, I hope that happens soon.
  6. I suffer from wanderlust.
  7. If one day I don't comment on your blog its prolly because what u said was too smart for my brain to comprehend or I took ill.
Once again thank you Madeleine for the wonderful award am chuffed oh I almost 4got my  5 recipients are 
Liz Fichera
Jennifer Shirk
Clarissa Draper
Claudia Del Balso
Michelle Teacress

Congratulations my fivers and Have a beautiful day everybody.


  1. Thank you. I will post it tomorrow. It's so kind of you to think of me.


  2. Oh Congrats Joanna!! I love your your no 1 here. Writers do make it look effortless and here's to working towards being a writer in residence! ;)

  3. Congratulations, Joanna! It is well-deserved! I love coming to your blog each day.

  4. Ahahaha! I have the same remorse when my daughter wants to play and I'm all "as soon as I finish this email..."

  5. LOL that your son started hiding your books at age 1! haha!

    Congrats on your blog award and to those you've given it to!

  6. I LOVE reading the 7 things! My favorite one is #3. Ha, too funny.

  7. Congrats on your award, and for sharing about yourself. I have wanderlust too, lol...

  8. Congratulations, Joanna on your award!
    I also want to thank you for passing your versatile blog award to me. ;) Yayyy!
    I will post it and mention your blog so my readers can visit yours.

  9. Hi Joanna
    Congratulations on your award. Just popped in and started following (I came via L'Aussie's blog).

  10. You are welcome Joanna and your answers gave me a huge grin. I have 2 Uni degrees and don't use them either LOL! :O)

  11. You big sweetie pie. Congrats, and thanks for thinking of me. :)

  12. Aaww thanks everybody, I love having you around I might just burst out in a high school musical song now :D

  13. My DD asks me to play board games a lot -- I feel awful being on the computer as much as I am!

    Congrats on the award :-)

  14. THANK YOU!!! I had to laugh when you said your son hides your books. LOL
    I thought writing would be easy too. What was I thinking?!


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