Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I chucked a WIP

Thank you bloggyland for all your support, after my near embarrasing display on Skype yesterday I decided I had more guts than to go down crying.
I got the toddler vaccinated - this was a 1st for me cos I can never watch them poke my little precious
I tackled 3 arms of the french administration in my halting french - partial success
did some grocery shopping
had a delicious pain aux raisin courtesy of my pregnant friend (yes I know I should be the one feeding her *shame on me*) and
I looked at the WIP that I had been stuck on since the husband travelled and chucked it. Okay not a chuck chuck into the abyss kinda thing, but it has been banished for now till it is ready to sing the song I want to hear. Yes I put my WIP on timeout.

I sent my partial to the editor and I decided not to work on that till I get some feedback and a possible go ahead. The new WIP I decided to work on fits my mood perfectly, the hero is very angry and has a lot to say and whereas the other WIP was just intent on backstory and a do it all heroine *ugh*.

Are you wondering how many WIPs I have? 7 or 8 at last count did I mention am a pantser? lol
have a beautiful day


  1. Good luck with your new WIP, Johanna! I find sometimes putting something away for a while is the best thing you can do.

  2. Brave you chucking a WIP on the same day you had to watch your little precious jabbed with needles!

  3. I have about 7-8 WIPs myself and I have to write them when I'm in certain moods. So, some wait... and wait... and wait. But, I'm thinking of finishing one during NaNo when I'm motivated.


  4. I only have one at a time. How would that be to have so many going on? That's me with knitting projects but not writing.

  5. Wow, that sounds like quite a trying day!

    I think it's good sometimes to have a bit of a time-out. It's better than banging your head against the desk!

  6. I used to be able to read books like that. 1 in the car, 1 on the nightstand, 1 on my desk at work.
    Now I'm lucky I can read 1 a week.
    As for writing, no way. I have enough trouble listening to 2 voices in my head.
    Good luck with your new direction!

  7. Awww :( watching them get injections is horrible, makes you feel sooo mean!


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