Monday, October 25, 2010

titleless as in not part of the ton

You may not know this about me but I have several skeletons in my closet, so why don't u come under my blog umbrella and let me share one with you.
I'm not sure how old I was when i had my first crush but the choice I made has always worried me a slight bit, I remember my parents always trying to hide their amusement whenever I said I was going to marry my crush, they would even call me everytime he came on TV for their amusement of course while I danced and daydreamed.
Yes I was in love with Boy George, Funny my parents neglected to tell me he did not swing my way, I am not very impressed.
So yesterday I was going through my list of crushes to see who would make a good fit as my hero and I came up with either Juanes (a 2 weeks muy caliente Colombian singer crush) or Anderson Cooper (I cannot explain  this 3-4years crush).
So you see my point? the crushes I dwell on are way not swinging my way, but does that stop me from having a crush? no, good looking is good looking and I was not going to do anything anyways.
Since like the Kartoffelpuffer it is not meant to be, I shall move on to more productive things who would you rather have my hero look like  Anderson Cooper or Juanes

I could not find a nicer picture of Juanes so my apologies.
9 more days till the husband gets back

If you have wondered about the randomness of my post today, it was brought to you courtesy of the blogfest at Rach Writes blame her
Lastly, thank you all for participating and making our guest feel welcome in the Interrogation Room on Friday. We had a lot of fun and if you missed it, the post is somewhere to your right there might be some tequila left, this Friday our guest comes bearing gifts so stick around.


  1. My "surprise he like boys" crush was George Michael.

    I crushed on Dirk Benedict from "Battlestar Galactica", too.

    And Rick Springfield, my very first concert -- he's 61 y.o. now (how did THAT happen??) and still looks great!

    Ahh.. the memories.

  2. Boy George? LOL

    I was a Rick Springfield fan--especially when he was General Hospital. And Scott Baio. And both Hardy Boys. LOL

  3. I had a crush on Rick Ashley and Richard Dean Anderson - so there! ;)

    I love how you used the three words. Kartoffelpuffer! What a classic.

    Have a great week.




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  5. Hi,

    Did you ever understand Boy George's Chameleon (multi-coloured gob-stopper/traffic light) song? I guess you were gutted to discover he batted for the wrong team, but join the club for there are loads of us gut-wrenched over John Barrowman!

    Whoo hoo, I'd read anything relating to a hero in the vein of Juanes. :o


  6. NO Ben Juanes is not gay but my crush only lasted for 2 weeks (instead of a long time) he is married with 3 kids methinks
    @ francine i was really young I think I just liked the idea I was going to marry someone who looked like a doll
    @CD thanks it was hard to work that in there
    @ Jen Scott Baio? ha ha
    @Marianne luckily my brain started working before he came on my radar

  7. hahaha I had a scuffle with a co-worker about Juanes' masculinity and musical pertinence last year. Not that both are linked.

  8. Boy George!?! Hahahaha :) That is adorable. I need to do another 80s posting at my blog soon, and I think you've just given me what I need - 80s crushes...if you don't mind me stealing your brilliance?

    My vote is for Juanes. Muy caliente, indeed.

  9. Oh I totally feel for Boy George - and George Michael for that matter. I still love GM. And phew, gosh I'll admit to Anderson Cooper too. LOL - we have similar crushes! ;) I haven't heard of Juanes, but he looks cute!

  10. Hi Joanna, greetings from The Farm! And welcome to the Crusade!

    They are all good looking, except Boy George who's pretty

  11. Man, at least your crush didn't know. When I was four, I told everybody who'd listen that I was going to marry my brother's best friend. Just as soon as I was a little bit older. But not much.

  12. You're brave, fessing up to this. ;)

    My crushes were more local, no one famous!

  13. The biggest crush of my teen years was with Paul, John, George and Ringo. Totally in love with each of them and all of them, the moment they came on the scene, and now you know how really very old I am!

  14. Juanes! Juanes! I tink lve seen two of his films but can't remember their titles right now. Me im still tripping o. LOL.U know now me n fyn guys.wink* wink*.

  15. My biggest crush was on Mark Hamill (although it was really Luke Skywalker I was in love with). I was so obsessed, I had a signed picture of him on my wall.

  16. Hi Joanna, I enjoyed reading this, and thanks for the pictures! :)

    Were you wanting to be a Crusader? I can add you to the list if you want, just let me know.


  17. LOL! I enjoyed your challenge piece. Yes Boy George was beautiful and seemed a fun guy and seems deelp down a nice person with lots of his own skeletons.
    I have a crush on Ian Waite from Strictly, he seems such a lovely, decent, kind person. Perfect (sigh!) ;O)

  18. I LOVE Anderson Cooper! He is Dreamy!

    Great Post!

  19. Celebrity crushes! I have a different one every day, lol. I like them tall, dark, and handsome (and a bit dangerous). My current celebrity crush is Leland Chapman from “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. A man with handcuffs and a bulletproof vest, so hott!

  20. Nothing wrong with that picture of Juanes! He looks mysterious in it. I love it. I had a huge crush on Charlie Sheen as a teen - must have seen Young Guns at least two dozen times in the theater. My crush was completely gone once I worked with him on Spin City. NICE guy, but they're never the same in person. Always a let down. :-/ Most of my 'celebrity' crushes were always football players though - Terry Bradshaw. Still hold a torch for him. Is that gross? Old enough to be my daddy! Okay, I just made it gross. LOL!

  21. Ha Ha, Joanna. Great post on your crushes. Geez, I have to do this story too but mine ended up so scary that I gave it to Jeffrey Beesler to put up for his Halloween week. Now I'd better get crackin' and do another. Think I've got til 29th???

  22. I totally crushed on John Schneider when he was playing Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. There wasn't much that could lure me away from my Saturday tea-time TV when he was on, and I have to admit to a soft spot for him even now... ahh.

    So, much as I think Anderson Cooper is lovely, my vote goes to Juanes for your hero. He looks as if he could be mysterious and passionate and naughty and what girl doesn't want a bit, or even a lot, of all those in her hero?!

  23. My current crushes are Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlantis and Dominic Cooper of The Dutchess. They are yummy and make my fiancee jealous but he doesn't need to worry as they are just crushes!

  24. Interesting crushes!!!
    And welcome to the crusade, fellow crusader :-) Good to have you here.

  25. Ha! Oh, Boy George. I remember a classmate of mine (a girl) had a crush on him when I was a kid. From this vantage point it's like, what was she (not to mention the rest of the world!) thinking? I liked the comment about your parents not explaining that he didn't swing your way. ;-)

    Glad to have found your blog, fellow crusader!

  26. Heh heh, love how you're posting on this topic while hubby is away.

    Hey, and you can use both your crushes as 'hero' influences in different novels. They've each got a very different 'special something'...



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