Thursday, September 30, 2010

Storyboard 104: Yer mother screwed you up and that's why you don't have a girlfriend

Yay we are on to day 4 of storyboarding, how are you pantsers loving it and how are you plotters resisting the urge to tell us to break out the excel file? It just hit me today I can use Microsoft Access that has to be better than excel right? okay I'll go figure out a way to make it work for u plotters.

See my topic today? Yeah I got that from two and a half men and I thought it was really apt for today's experiment. We are talking about your characters familial relationships and their hobbies.

Ashley an only child was raised by a single mother who frankly seems like a half wit to me, she was a politician's mistress and is now under a serious mafia like-gag not to reveal their liaison. Does this have a bearing on who Ashley grows up to be? does she distrust men? has she become a misfit in the society? has she had to support her mother and put herself through community college? has she learnt to do a lot of odd jobs to make ends meet? does she have a lot of free time on her hands as a result of being a misfit? The answer to all these questions in Ashley's case is yes
Now does this answer your questions as to why most of Ashley's accessories are homemade? you guessed right, she makes them. She is your regular Etsy Queen.

Ah Lambert (this name sounds amazing when u say it in french) If I tell you everything about him I might as well just give my story away. His mother (another single mother) was a druggie(is that a harsh word?) she promised to get clean all the time but never attempted to follow through. The child in him stopped believing and felt nothing when she died; as a result of this plus a combination of other occurrences Lambert has buried himself into his job and really has no hobbies.

Sorry my post is coming late today, its my first day as a temporal single mother am trying to adjust, Its gonna be a long week b4 the husband gets back from Fiji and all i can think about is what a good setting Fiji will make for a book.


  1. I have never tried storyboarding, maybe I should. I'm a pantser all the way, and even that sounds like too much organization for me. And doesn't everything sound incredible in French?

  2. I learn so much from blogging. Concepts I've never considered before. This is great.

  3. I'm so unorganized when I start a story. I just pound away at the keyboard. A little storyboarding would probably do me good! Fiji? *Sigh* That sounds like a fab setting for a story. Or anything.


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