Monday, August 16, 2010

Ambidextrous Dynamite

yes I made the title ambidextrous dynamite bcos Taio Cruz's dynamite is playing on the tv.

So I have sent off two manuscripts one for fast track I should get "the news" this week and another I should hear back in 3 months - frankly I hope it's sooner and preferably good news on both ends.
But yeah about my ambidexterity I wrote till 4 a.m. one night till my thumb went from hurting to numb then back to hurting, luckily the next day I could use my other hand to do my regular stuff like open cans feed a regressing toddler, anyways this got me to thinking, am I the only writer out there that still uses pen and paper? seriously I have written at least 2 major theses and several papers for school and they always go on paper 1st which is seriously time wasting for me.

On the plus side though I find that transferring from paper to laptop (maybe I should get me an IPad) allows me to edit my work and even expand on or delete ideas I had while trying not to sleep.
Am I just technologically backward? am really interested in finding out


  1. kind of backward but writing on paper is still done a lot. It's easier to catch mistakes on paper than on the computer. However, the first draft in soft copy is better though but there is no single good rule.

  2. You are.
    I mean what stops you from typing your thoughts.
    Unless of course you are slow at typing. In that case maybe you need to take typing lessons. It would save you so much time in the long run.

    And this is from a person who cannot type her thoughts eiher

  3. Emma Thompson also writes on paper!

  4. ha ha I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, actually a major professor once told me when he realized I always wrote on paper first
    "i think its an english thing you dont trust computers" apparently his wife(an english professor in America)did the same thing. so on this I proudly wave the St George's flag and remain backward in good company.
    My thots just would not flow from finger to keys and I have had a computer since I was 8!
    another thing I thot of is if someone stole ur work and u showed the court ur obviously worked on paper copy they would have to agree its urs, my manuscroipts are full of quirks only i can decipher

  5. i write on pen and paper ....2 bad my stories havent been published

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