Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crushes and Equalization

So every time a dude asks a girl out what is he acting on? a crush  (I thought so too) so why do some females think its wrong to act on it like ask a guy out on a date if they have a crush on him?
okay so I understand for the emotionally insecure it feels better if the guy asks you 1st cos that way you know he thinks you're hot and he is not just going out with you cos he does not know how to say no.
Or the whole drivel of man is a natural hunter - here is my cure for that if u meet one of those "the fun is in the chase" kind of people, you just have to make them think the chase is all their idea (married women do this all the time) and then sit back and enjoy the chase.
Lastly there is also the hey I quite fancy you, you know route, its very straight foward  but in the bid for equalization feel free to get some rejections too (cos i bet u haven't dated every dude who asked you out).
I really don't care what the method of getting together it won't matter in 50 years from now, what will matter is if you are happy and not full of regret or shame (lol)
When I was much younger, every time I liked a guy I stared at him and willed him with my mind to like me back and sometimes it worked but that is another story entirely
Have a lovely day everyone
and feel free to share ur crush dealing tactics here


  1. oh I forgot to add there are some crushes not worth acting on, u know its off limits and no u won't die and you will be over it in a few weeks anyways

  2. Hehehe, LWKMD, Erin Fe Pa Mi Ku (EFPMK). Really like the way you handle crushes. I wish there was a way ladies could show they have a crush on a guy without necessarily voicing it. It will enable a guy low on confidence to ginger his swagger, and make a move for them. The current practice leave much to be desired, as 'players' make the bulk of the moves, get some of the best ladies, and have no qualms breaking their hearts -- cos they need to move on to the next gal.

  3. I take an exception to the fact that ladies who will not act on their crush by asking the guy out are emotionally insecure.

    I am still of the view that the men should do the chasing God configured them that way.

    Ladies however can communicate their crush non verbally.

  4. @ anon i think i have not communicated properly i meant there are some ladies who are emotionally insecure and this insecurity will make them doubt that a guy is with them cos he likes them and not bcos they asked him out.
    so what do we do abt the men who simply cant chase? send them to the monastery?

  5. I'm not sure of anything I'm going to write next!!
    *clears throat*
    Chasing and Crushes rarely have anything in common. "Real crushes don't make you chase-bold"..U r just too spell bound to chase in whatever form.
    The crush state is meant to be savored in isolation while it lasts.. Any little alteration to that state will make a man chase... :)


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