Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kids Emulate

I wish this was a post where I could blow my own horn but that would come later in the year. I am just really amazed by how courteous my son is.
He speaks just a few words but the foremost among them are
Bless you - if you sneeze or cough
Thank you/ Merci - If you give him something (if they are new shoes he'll hug you)
Please - when he is trying to get something from you, his friend is even cuter when she says please

am sure most kids say these words but this is kind of 2nd nature for him and these are his basic words apart from his trademark No and More. I think he is taking after his momma someone once told me I sounded like an efficient secretary, I was not too pleased.

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  1. Efficient sec. too funny. Good thing your lil boy is getting his courteous vocabulary put together (no, please, more and bless you).


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