Wednesday, August 4, 2010

funny jetlag story

this story is set in a london bank where I used to work many years ago. I went on 2 week vaca to America and then on my return trip our flight was cancelled due to bad weather so I had to leave a day after and got to heathrow monday morning at 6am.
I called my boss and said "listen I just got in jetlag, cancelled flight, long story short I cannot make it in to work today"
she goes "that is understandable but i am giving you till 12 to make an appearance"
so I drag myself in to try and save my job.
Around 3ish am serving this client who wants to withdraw money he gives me his passbook and i put it in the printer and go to sleep! right in front of the dude who by now is speechless, u know that feeling u get like u are falling in ur sleep yeah i got that just as I was about to fall out of my chair, so i wake up count out his money and hand it to him with a smile like nothing happened. The guy recounted his money like 3 times b4 he left just to make sure I didn't make a drowsy mistake and I think he told my boss because she sent me home after that.


  1. What?? and you still kept your job??

  2. yep i did, its not like its my fault my flight was cancelled or they made me come in when i was asking to stay home, i was extremely tired


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