Monday, August 9, 2010


touch someone's life today be a mentor, be a giver there actually is enough to go around if you let go of what you have.
okay on to today's topic; quick question has everyone outgrown the best friend stage?
I think the last time I actually referred to someone as my best friend I was 9 and this is not to say I stopped loving her its just that the more I grew, the bigger my heart's capacity to love grew as well. So my new device is not all people can get close to me but those who get in the circle rarely fall out.
Now I understand some of us love to remain loyal to one best friend and that is just fine but sometimes don't you ever get the feeling that different kinds of friendships work for different times?
problem is if your friend is the loyal kind they end up feeling hurt cos it seems u moved on without them. How you handle friends like that is very crucial cos things can break down really fast, so what I tend to do is I try to keep in touch cos I still <3 em and am interested in them I just cannot be who they want me to be.
I love my friends and I will not trade them for anything else in the world. I hope this helps someone out there juggle their circle of friends well


  1. I tend to keep my friends in a sort of hierarchy: close but not too close, with differing levels of interest/specialization and rank. Some get promoted up the hierarchy and some could get demoted. This may sound narcissistic (similar to the no permanent friends or permanent enemies but permanent interests ideology) but it works. Loyalty breeds lethargy -- a sense of entitlement that one has earned lifetime friendship status. So while we might love our friends and owe them some goodwill, we need to continually juggle our circle of friends by promoting the relevant ones.

  2. My friends are part of my world. And for those who really know and cherish mine(our)friendship, they know I am a loyal and sometimes bias friend. I got my friends back whatever happens. I just hope they say or feel the same way too, and I they don't too bad for them. Love you much Joan........


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