Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Pill and one more book

Okay so apparently scientist have found out that women on the pill have a more developed grey matter than every body else.
Now back to the book I am going to rave about - its just a tiny pocket book and I think every writer should have one, to record ideas in.
I was at the playground yesterday when I had an idea for a book and another idea for a scene in a Work in Progress (WIP), lets just say by the time my son threw a tantrum and I had to physically carry him, tricycle and bags home my 2 ideas had flown back to idea land. I spent the better part of yesterday evening staring at my WIP trying to get the basis of my chapter 2 back, at around 2a.m. I got it and quickly wrote it down.
So in addition to writing in paper I suggest everyone carry a pocketbook or at least a phone that has MS word or wordpad on it.
I'm amazed I had not thought about this b4 considering I once had 5stories floating in my head infringing on everybody's space.

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