Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding a Muse

Okay lets jump straight to Monaco where I was inspired by the palace and Grace Kelly's resting place , I already planned on doing a story about the Grimaldi family but this dude did it for me. The minute I saw him my story changed course(I hate it when that happens but the character is always the boss) and fell in place.
There is just something about a man in a Uniform so what do u think of my Monegasque muse?
the cheeky lil fellow moved he is a rule breaker
here lies Grace Kelly beloved American Actress and Monegasque Princess
I took a panoramic picture of the castle, I intend to return for a guided tour of the castle


  1. Gorgeous photos and such history!

  2. and some really nice scandals in the royal family too! overall I think they will make for very good writing :D

  3. He is hot!

    So sad about GK. I would love to go to Monaco someday.

  4. oh Maurine thanks for stopping by you should visit Monaco I loved it so much I will not mind moving there when i retire


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