Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Party

yay its my birthday today I am once again officially older than 21 years old (that's the closest i will ever come to revealing my age)
Due to the fact that my brain is tired I am not going to have a party but I am going to walk down memory lane a little
Best Birthday ever - I was 8 it was a surprise party in a hotel, I didn't know most of the kids cos i didn't have many friends but it was a blast even my cousin that was like 15 had a blast for one day I felt super cool.

Silliest Birthday Ever - got angry and bought myself a bigger cake cos the cake the boyfriend bought was not big enough for my greedy mouth (lol) actually there is a lot more to the story

Emergency Birthday - I said I did not want a party bcos I'd had a party every year till I turned 22 but then 3 days b4 my birthday I decided I wanted a party, it was nice seeing everyone squirm to put together a party for me (can someone say spoilt?)

Worst birthday Ever - I had a job interview, I got fined cos the Luton airport train station is just conveniently out of zone 6 and I did not know, the interview lasted for hours, I had no intention of taking the job even when it was offered to me on the spot because no Ryan Air, I dont swim and I have no intention of paying for my uniform and every thing else cos I want to earn a meager salary from you.



  1. what about the dream bday!nice posts n i enjoyed reading them. more Grace to u!

  2. Thank you annonymous, I have not had my dream bday yet maybe bcos i have not dreamt it up yet. I am a high maintenance kind of girl so it will take a lot to dazzle me hence my cowardice @ dreaming it.


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