Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me against le blackberry

What is it with the blackberry that has so many people hooked on it? I have never owned one but I am beginning to get suspiciously curious.
Is this a status quo thing? or is it just more convenient to use? shouldn't any old phone with internet capabilities or apps do the job?
At least half of the people I know own a blackberry (esp a pink one) so now am interested in finding out from the blackberry owners what is it about that phone that does it for u?
and for those of us resisting the lure and peer pressure what are u waiting or why not?
my answer is simple I would become addicted to it just like I was am to facebook


  1. Trust me Jo, I felt the same way until I got me a BB. The BB Messenger definitely does it for me. You can send instant messages to your BB friends and get an instant reply. Especially friends who are abroad.

  2. can't you do that on skype or is it free to send bb msgs? or even just send a random text msg? when I had a mobile phone I got int'l txt msgs on them all the time

  3. The bb msgs are free and you can have the chain of the conversation...a bit like yahoo messenger with the smileys, picture msgs etc. Also, you can have invite your friends to a conference, so its like you've got everyone in the same room!

  4. Lol. My sis, me dnt know o what the fuss is about, but maybe dats cos i dnt have one. The same reason i am not on twitter is the same reason i dont have a BB, too much networking, wer all my gist is virtually public irks me.FB is more dan enof. I guess aside d network thing, its fast becoming a fashion statement Like u must have a black dress, u "must" have a or sumtin like dat...

  5. just got this on my fb page

    tried posting this on your blog but didn't let me:

    I think it is a status quo know Nigerians now.When something is in vogue........everyone goes crazy about it.

  6. Most people use it cos it's in vogue, like the iPhone but I think it's actually for people on the move. Yahoo, gtalk etc have mobile messengers really but when it comes to pushing mails to client and using a universal PIN anywhere, I think the BB nicks it. The BBM is even better than traditional SMS. If you feel you don't need a BB then you really don't.

  7. @chris well said, I know i will eventually need one but right now i just wish people would stop asking for my bb pin its as awkward as asking a single, seriously searching gal where her husband is.
    but then i have always hated communicating with people by phone


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