Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twitter Go or No Go

Okay here I am musing about twitter, Twitter is just about about status updates right? so I guess its the alternative to  facebook stalking eh? sounds perfect for me as long as pple keep it interesrting

The idea for Twitter is that u can say oooh am @ NY fashion week and I just ran into Vera Wang and then pple tweet back, Okay so maybe if your life was extremely fascinating you could have a twitter acct like Ashton Kutcher (this link leads to his tweets).
Now for all of the rest of us, does having a twitter acct mean we think too highly of ourselves? or are people really that interested in what we are doing everyday?
I guess for writers it helps us keep up with recent happenings like contests and also do some brown nosing or get ur name out there.
I guess for me the real question is if I cannot find my phone at the mo' (and I really don't know where I put it neither do I care) am I the best candidate for Twitter? am great with my laptop though!

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