Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm in the mood for love

this is my ideal relationship and I thought I was alone till I heard Beth Moore speak at a conference. My ideal partner is the one that loves me and will show it anytime and anywhere, you know the kind of guy that would kiss you like his life depended on it in public, yeah that's me the exhibitionist - who would probably die from embarrassment if my partner actually did that.
Now I do realize some people will cringe if their partner touched them in public but apparently this is my love language, what's yours? or what is the best way ur partner can show you they love you? (fictional partners count too)
have a great day


  1. The best way my love pathner can show me her love is to take me for who i am not for what i am.In this dispensation every girl want someone who is made,but they keep forgetting something,not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

  2. so ur love language is acceptance and probably encouragement(kind words)

  3. yeah.just want to be accepted the way i am so that the word deceit will be far from me

  4. Presents, Gucci Bags, Expensive gold jewellry!!! Name it!!!! Yea, I know i'm greedy... Who cares. LOL

    ok, just kidding.

    Little things that makes me smile does it for me. Texting me to let me know he is thinking of me, paying me compliments, remembering my birthday (forgetting is unforgiveable!)and also acts of service, helping me do stuff especially the ones I never get round to doing myself.

  5. hmmnn so words of affirmation and acts of service interesting. The acts of service might become more pronounced once you have kids. time will tell


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