Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The most Embarrassing thing that ever happened to me

Okay so anyone who has met me knows I hardly ever get embarrassed, I have seriously rocked golden leg warmers on a nice dress and even though I knew it was a fashion faux pas the minute I stepped out of my car I still had the nerve to stare @ everyone like don't u own a pair of legwarmers?
Okay so my most embarrassing moment was on a sunday (date and year have been permanently blocked in my mind 4 my sanity's sake) anyways I went to church and lets be honest any religious center is where you are at your most pious.
we stand up to sing and after a while a little girl (little girl's identity has also been blocked from my mind 4 same reasons above) comes up to me and says ur zipper is broken, I touch my skirt and yup I come up with a handful of ladyness Embarassed(the thong was still in). I turn around and its just dudes sitting behind me so I run out, develop the most impressive migraine and go home to crawl in my bed.
I still have not recovered from it but at least all dates and faces have been blocked from my mind so when I see the people involved I blissfully cannot remember a thingCool.
what's your most embarrassing moment feel free to share afterall "if you cannot laugh at yourself you are missing a bloody good joke"


  1. Hahaha! For me, it was probably this summer day I was walking in Paris. I saw a group of dudes staring at me from the patio of a caffe (it was back in my glorious early twenties). So I tried to perform my sexiest walk to impress them. And when I was passing right in front of them, I twisted my ankle in my too-high heels, almost went kissing the side-walk. It felt like an eternity before I could hide my red face in the first corner I found. It was about a decade ago, but I remember every second of it...

  2. I had the same experience Jo. It was at a burial in Nigeria (they used a football field,so u can imagine the number of people present!). I was rocking a newly made lace skirt and blouse(tight skirt of course). I'd sashayed in,was just about to sit down when i felt warm breeze on by behind. Cringe galore!!!. I had to walk all the way to the car, with people pointing out (un)helpfully that my zip had come undone. And yes,I was also wearing a g-string. Maybe that's why I'm now scared of crowded places......

  3. ha ha death to skirts and high heels unfortunately we can't seem to do without them just like men hunh?


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