Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A writer's elation

if people like Bono kept quiet about their charitable works they will not be able to get awareness for their cause so am wagging my finger at you Brian Johnson

Okay so I sent off a manuscript to the Harlequin medical Fast track and almost died from high blood pressure while waiting, other people I knew who had submitted got their response in about 2 days imagine my dismay when I had to wait 20 days for mine.
20 days in which I doubted if i sent the manuscript off in the 1st place, I wondered if my bad writing had sent the editor to the hospital and all other stuff.
Now dont get me wrong  Editors have a lot to handle and i'm not complaining about having to wait cos this set of editors were rockstars for giving us this opportunity - the average wait time to hear back from an editor or agent is usually 3 months.

So anyways I got the email from them yesterday, they liked my work especially my Hero they gave me some really helpful feedback and want to see three more chapters. As we speak I am walking on air this is a huge milestone for an aspiring writer and I plan to give it all I've got. I will be bouncing my ideas off of you every once in a while so lets take this journey together (I should shut up now before I start spouting Eminem's lyrics).
Have a lovely day y'all


  1. Good luck, Joanna! "Wanting to see more" is always music to a writer's ears, yes?!

  2. oh yes I've been dancing since yesterday coupled with silly grins that i cant wipe off my face. I'm beginning to imagine what I would do when I get "The Call"

  3. This is great news! Hope it works out.

    Visiting from KarenG's BBQ and I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you!

  4. Thank you Jenna and nice to meet you too


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