Friday, September 10, 2010

Alpha, Beta and Tennis

I have been watching the US open and considering I have the imagination of a 5 year old I bet you can already guess where I am going with this.
Introducing three heroes (sorry I could not load pictures for the visual minded)
lets start with Monfils (pronounced mon fees)
The guy is obviously goodlooking and talented he also loves to have fun on the court and out of it, is he an Alpha? probably not, I don't see that drive in him, he is so easy going (I could not find a website for him) he would make a  perfect Beta.
Rafa Nadal
Definitely Alpha male dominates the court and could not pull of the role of submissive partner in Shakira's gypsy video. This is the kind of guy that would play with a stomach injury to win and then there is that hint of raw savagery in him (he bites his trophies to make sure they are real). The is the kind of savage we all love to tame right?
Roger Federer
Aaah did someone say suave, sophisticated gentleman? what do I love the most about him? is the fact that he never gloats or shows emotions until he wins? or that he wears monogrammed sweaters? or that he has a beautiful head of hair a la McDreamy? or the fact that he makes winning look effortless?

looking back on my writing I am a Federer kind of girl all my heroes fit the Federer model to a T, they may not look like him but they sure act like the public persona of Roger Federer.
Are you a Monfils, Nadal or Federer kind of girl?


  1. I like Nadal!

    I didn't know the US Open was on. I must flick around and see if it's on the telly here!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm a Federer type too. The quiet until something good happens and then it's worth it.


  3. Federer is the guy you love to hate!

  4. I love Rafa. :) Can't help myself :)

  5. @Talli hurry they are already at semi finals
    @CD we will have a lil party when he wins
    @Anon lets just stop at love Federer is the guy we love :)
    @Toni Rafa works too he's a winner and you can hear the strength in his voice when he is playing, he also gives funny interviews

  6. Federer all the way!

    Such a gentleman, such an amazing player. His talent just oozes around the court; I get lost watching him.

  7. Put me on Team Federer. Hunk city! And he's charming. Nice combo.


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