Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I met a man

random thot of the day - my son is trying to play the violin with his drumstick and mechanical guitar he is so cute.

Okay, I met him in imaginationland but he is real  je vous jure, well as soon as I bring him to life with my pen. this is how it starts everytime my story always starts around the hero before I dream up his heroine, I refer to this as my boy brain.

When you start constructing a story do you start with the hero or heroine? I am making a very conscious effort my next leisure MS will start with a woman and am thinking Drew Barrymore esque in looks hmm the more I think about it the more I like it


  1. Whats a je vous jure? some of us are English you know...

  2. It means I swear, my Mum would wash my mouth with soap so i said it en francais

  3. I usually have both. But, often I choose women.


  4. I usually see characteristics before I see a face. Sometimes hero; sometimes heroine. It varies.


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