Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Storyboard 103: The Fashionista in me speaks

Aha! this is my favorite subject, when we talk about outfits or designer labels I feel very at home. Okay I admit since I moved here and became a SAHM my dress sense has taking a nose dive, but I still know my stuff.
I have been accused of dressing up even on casual Fridays, the 1st year I lived in Iowa I visited the Mall of America more than ten times, if I had my way I would never own more than 5 pairs of regular jeans at the same time because it encourages me to dress down, should I continue? no, I think I have terrified u enuf with my vanity.

Why are outfits and style important to your characters?
Believe it or not, what you wear says a lot about your thought process, I know there are people who do not believe in saying what their h/h are wearing (and I don't recommend you do it all the time either) but if your heroine is a jeans and t-shirt *shudders* kind of girl and she falls in love with the hero who only wears suits handmade from saville row will she dress up to get his attention or will she be so confident in herself and dress the same as always at the risk of sticking out like a sore thumb in his world?

That said let me describe my characters and their style and then we will see how it reflects on their personality.
He is more of a relaxed dresser but still likes to look good (a remnant from his modelling days and attestation to his vanity)
He typically shops from Express or FCUK, look at the quality of Peter Facinelli's shirt in this picture
Carlisle Cullen <3. - carlisle-cullen photo

when he is not at work then he is just a fitted t shirt kinda guy and jeans that emphasize his really nice bum.

has been described by my CP as lovely and bohemian - need I say this words were not in my head when I started to describe her? I just described her as a girl very into her organic outfits, tie dye maxi dresses, espadrilles, wedges, homemade accesories and boom my CP thinks she is bohemian.
Ashley's original job when I thought of her was an artist, but I had to change her job so she could be a match for my hero but I am glad that my CP still saw the old Ashley shining through my descriptions.

Another example: heroine very like Paris Hilton finally finds an alpha that can tame her, the face day she sees him how does she view him?
Burberry shirt, Dolce & Gabbana Jeans and Bruno Magli shoes.
Is she vain? Yes. Does he have his work cut out for him? heck yeah.
but imagine if she did not catalog men according to outfits or what celebrity they looked like will she ring true to your readers? prolly not.
I hope I have made a convert today, have a nice and well dressed day


  1. ha, clothing. I also love it. It irritated me so much in Breaking Dawn when Bella could not appreciate the wonderful clothes that Alice had set aside for her! I'd give anything for that wardrobe!

  2. I did not know you lived in Iowa?! Say what?

    Clothes--and descriptions thereof--are so not my strong suit. It's a struggle whenever I have to go into more detail in my books, being such a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.

  3. ha ha Liz am English but lived in Iowa, I went to Uni there so I spell both ways and speak really funny too

  4. 'emphasize his really nice bum.' Haha love it!

  5. strange thot- was wondering if u can still speak yoruba. dnt know where d thot jumped out from considering d discussion abt fashion. but well....i think it was ur comment on speaking funny.....hows my baby doing?

  6. Not good at this part of things! I like clothes, and moreover, I LOVE shoes, but I don't know who the trendy designer's are so I tend to describe style and color rather than name. Great post!

  7. When I first started writing YA, several beta readers (one of which was already published) said I should spend more words describing clothing.

    It had never even occured to me!

    BTW, best image on my blogroll today. Peter Facinelli...yum!

  8. ha ha your comments and POV are stellar ladies if anyone needs to brainstorm about clothes and labels I would be thrilled to help

  9. I don't really care about style for my characters but I know my characters care so I work hard at finding them things to wear.



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