Thursday, September 23, 2010

StoryBoard: calling all Plotters and Pantsers alike

Are you a Pantser? ever wondered what its like on the plotter's side of the fence?

Well I am a by the seat of my pants(trousers) kind of girl and I for one would like to see what life is like on the other side of the fence, sometimes it just gets boring playing with my ideas and hoping to strike gold. For once I'd like to know where am going.
So here is my plan and I hope some of you will join me - am not trying to convert you to plotterism I am just curious to see what life is on the other side, lets make a storyboard together!
the good thing about this storyboard is that u can make one even if you have not started your manuscript or you are halfway through your manuscript. Apart from this being fun it could be helpful or a lifesaver.
So we shall start on Monday, that is ample time to prepare right? tomorrow I will just do a little post about storyboards for those of us who are so pantserish we dont know what a storyboard is.

I am curious though what advantages do you think pantser or plotters have over each other?

say hello to Jane Fonda's hands at Cannes


  1. Good luck with your storyboard! I tried outlining and planning ahead before, and didn't even make it to chapter two before everything changed and my characters went their own way. Eeck!

  2. aaww Lisa that has happened to me too, i hope it wont happen every time though, besides am hoping setting the story board will at least help us get a clear picture of our heroes and heroines if nothing else.

  3. I'm a plotter. I wanted to be a pantser, because it seems more like GENIUS to be able to get to the end of an MS that way (to me at least). Alas, I can't do that. But I have found awesome aspects of plotting too -- like all the brainstorming I do to figure stuff out ahead of time leaves me with a wealth of ideas to draw from if I want to throw a couple red herrings into the mix down the road. Handy dandy.

  4. ahhhh, I like this! I'll have to read your post tomorrow though. My lack of planning is so severe that I am beyond panster, I am an *under*panster.

  5. lol erica that is funny u might have just started a new trend the sisterhood of underpansterism.
    Amalie we need your plotting skills really bad and maybe we might convince you to switch to our side *evil grin*

  6. We don't have to be one or the other, right? I think there are times when an idea flows and we just run with it. Other times, we need a plan, and work at it before the story shows up. Either way has it's advantages and disadvantages.
    Good luck with your storyboard!

  7. I'm a plotter for the most part. Not really when I'm writing non-mystery books but I need to with my mysteries because they are so intricate.


  8. @ MT thanx, IMHO which is not a lot to go by, no one is strictly one or the other there are times when the characters demand plotting or jumping by the pants.
    this storyboard will at least inspire us if nothing else while the plotters might take this to the next level we'll see
    @CD ha ha after the blood splatters I have seen on your blog I would not have guessed you were a plotter. NOT (in my best Borat voice)


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