Monday, September 6, 2010

For the first time ever

For the 1st time ever I am glad I am an unpublished writer with nary an accolade to my name. This makes it perfect for me to submit my work for the new voices contest. Their site went live today and I am super psyched to start this thing already take this from the girl who once went to Richmond just to stare at the M&B office.
Apart from getting published, you also get to be mentored by editors and writers if you advance in the competition (lets not forget the hamper filled with books - mental carbs are so good for you) and 4 u techie junkies out there a new IPad oooohhhh!!!!!!!!
Am I doing too many things at once? yes, yes I am
Is this going to affect the quality of my work? No way Jose sleep can wait till I ...ahem win (am sincerely wishing all of u the best, did I mention that I like to daydream?)
Today is the last day for the blog bbq and happy labor day everyone


  1. Good luck with the contest. And thanks for sharing the link.

    Delighted to have found you, thank you for stopping over at my blog, leaving a comment and becoming a follower. Isn't KarenG's BBQ wonderful!

  2. Good luck (from one daydreamer to another...dreams DO come true)!!!

  3. Good luck- too bad I don't have a book- all I've written is short stories lol

  4. What a great contest. I hope you do well!


  5. Thanx Guys to those entering the contest good luck as well.
    @Summer all u need to do is submit Chapter 1 if u move to the next level u submit chapter 2 and if u get to the final round u submit the pivotal chapter i have some friends who have not even started writing theirs yet

  6. Hi Joanna,
    I'd be psyched too. This is a wonderful opportunity. Bonne chance! However, keep entering other contests so you can have double the opportunities ;)
    All the best!

  7. Thanx 4 d advice Claudia I intend to even if most of them take me outside my comfort zone


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