Monday, September 13, 2010

Public Lending Rights

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I read about Public Lending Rights and I thought I would share it here on my blog today. everyone is going through a recession now and having to adjust their pant strings in ways they never thought possible before. In UK this is even more so because of the new government (this is not a pol. rant I promise).

Public Lending Rights is a source of income for authors, I don't know how it works in America and other parts of the world but am sure you all have something similar. it is kind of government compensation for your work being made public free of charge by libraries, apparently in the UK this has been dwindling and may even continue to do so .

This link enables you to read more about it and then take action if you wish.
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Joanna St. James
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  1. Thanks, Joanna, for bringing attention to this!

  2. Thank you! Have added my name to the petition. :)

  3. I'm in America and I've never heard of something like this here. It's quite interesting. :D

  4. so don't american authors get some sort of compensation for their books in the library?

  5. Hi Joanna,
    The Public Lending Right (PLR) Commission distributes annual payments to Canadian authors for the presence of their books in Canadian public libraries.


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