Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marley and Me - Critique Pardners

In my writing journey I am beginning to find out that getting a critique partner(CP) or a beta reader is very crucial. After reading a lot about it, I decided to find me one.
Its pretty much like the dating game, u put your feelers out there and wait for someone or people to show interests and then you get to know each other and commence on a long lasting relationship hopefully!
Okay I know this is not how it always goes, i've read a lot of stories out there that made me really scared to get a CP but I have a good CP story.
I put my feelers out on eHarlequin and I got an email back yay, we started chatting and amazingly we had a lot to say and teach other. Sunday was our 1st exchange, got feedback the next day because she hardly sleeps and I really cannot sleep when I have things to do. I was absolutely surprised at the feedback I got it feels like she was made for me in writing heaven, I can only hope I was that helpful.
Do you have any I love my CP stories? or even the CP from Hades stories I would love to hear them.


  1. Beta readers and CP partners are amazing! You never know you're going to need them until the moment is right, and when the moment is right they are right there for you with open arms and all about support and honesty.

    Mine have helped me with my self-pity parties and allowed me to start thinking logically rather than feeling sorry for myself... never a good place to be, but rather than bringing it out on all my bloggers I bring it out on my CP partners :)

    Great blog!! The blue is soothing!

  2. I've got an absolutely amazing crit partner! I hope it all works out for you!

  3. I love my critique partners, true gems:) I thank God for opening the right door, at the right time!

    What helps most is that we are all at different stages of writing so I feel like I can glean so much from each of them.

    Happy writing:)

  4. Ive had some great partners and have been really lucky. Good luck with yours!!!

  5. Thanx, the funny thing is I never thought I could trust someone with my work or that i would need one till I needed one really fast

  6. I have amazing crit partners too and I use them like mad! I really value their advice.


  7. I love my CPs, but they are in a typical group which is pretty slow when you've got a whole, completed novel. Since that's really what I prefer to have ready to take in - I don't like handing stuff in on an "I just wrote this" basis, I need to get a beta reader, too. I've got time, though. I haven't really begun writing the next book. I noticed on your reply at Fiction Groupie that you also write by hand. I don't do my whole novel that way, but I do a lot of it like that. ;D

    BTW. Wish I was a bionic writer....

  8. I have a really good critique partner. She loves chocolate and coffee too so we get along marvelously.

  9. DAMN YOU, NATIONAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION, PHCN, AND...sorry. These are just handful of government organisations who (according to the bible) are brothers to those who destroy the the bridge between Nigerians like myself and the rest of the world. 'sniff' 'sniff'...I wanted to be a CP or beta reader...waaahhhhh!!!!

  10. take it easy, u can still help with the guy's POV

  11. Oh gosh, I bungled my first blog comments. It went byebye and my words got eaten by the intarwebz!

    So I ressurect! DAWWWW *beams* You totally helped me too. I am not going to go back and make corrections yet, I have a habit of getting stuck in EditLand, and I would stop making any headway if I went back now. But going foward, I am definitely attempting to implement your suggestions.

    I'm glad I was helpful to you too! First critique, especially online, even more especially WRITING, is scary. Give me artwork(I know writing is an artform too, but I mean image-based), and I am ready to go with critiques. Writing seems so much more subjective to me, and that makes it even more personal. Never quite know when you're going to synch up with someone else.

  12. LOVE my CP's and, in fact, know with utmost certainty that I would not be published right now if I hadn't found them. We all met (9 of us, but 6 of us very active-like, daily!) on the HQ boards. We have our own cozy lil website where we post sections of our wip's and crit for one another. But, we also socialize and talk writing, give eachother heads up about contests or workshops, brain storm about plot ideas etc. and one of my CP's and I are now 3/4 of the way through our first collaboration, which is going swimmingly. I really think that a good CP is the best (and least expensive!) way to improve your writing. I look back at my stuff from a year ago and *shudder*


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