Monday, September 20, 2010

What did this writer do?

I took some time off writing and went to bed early this weekend, I had been so tired from going to bed 3 or 4 a.m. all month, I just had to beg this weekend off from my manus. Now I feel simply refreshed in my brain and was able to do edits and other things for example see what I did saturday night

at his church birthday party

at his birthday dinner

I had to run back to the grocery store 2 more times before they closed at 8 only for colouring and icing sugar only to realize @ 10 my son hid my icing set in a special place, so I iced/frosted this cake with a table knife and injection syringe, it took me hours to fill that syringe with buttercream icing and only seconds to empty it on the cake but I did it.


  1. That cake is gorgeous! I also love the flowers. :-) Cute pics! Bonne Anniversaire, Joel!

  2. You son is so cute. That's an amazing cake for the tools you had to use.


  3. What a wonderful Mum you are. It really is a lovely cake. You have the patience of Job.(sp) Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your darling son.

  4. aaww thank you I just wanted him to have the best day possible


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