Friday, September 24, 2010

Intro to Storyboards

Hi Lo lovely people

okay just as a quick recap we are going on a storyboard tour to know our characters inside and out and this starts on Monday, for more info check out yesterday's post.

The last time I made a storyboard, it was for a comic book in a french class and it was fun.
I was reading the top tips on the new voices website when the idea hit me, we can make a storyboard! and no not a storyboard for my next comic book (i quit the biz after my one attempt to get an A).
we can do a writers storyboard complete with pictures of what our h/h look like, a lot on their backstory, current situation or dilemma, what they love to wear and all of that stuff.
The more I write the more I am beginning to realize backstory is very important; as a pantster or pantser who runs away with my first idea, I almost never have a backstory at the beginning which is prolly good but not smart because that means when I put pen to paper I dont really know my characters that well, hence a weak beginning (what is that saying about agents judging the quality of your writing from the first 2 pages?).
So on monday we are going storyboarding, think of it as extreme snowboarding in plottersville fun eh!
I will be using a book but you are free to create a file on your nifty laptops and whatnots.

This is what we shall be playing with over the next week

Monday - Pictures of hot guys and girls
Tuesday - Different types of personalities
Wednesday - Outfits (sue me! am a fashionista but h/hs in sweats are allowed too)
Thursday - Types of familial relationships
Friday - Quirks and hobbies
Saturday - Past/ types of emotional obstacles (eesh saturday post)

this is not me teaching you what to do, we are all just going to share our experiences in getting to know our characters better and listen to the wise plotters as they come to help us out, feel free to invite ur friends too.
Hope you all have fun, I am already looking forward to knowing my characters inside and out.
Have a lovely weekend y'all


  1. This sounds like fun! And very organized--which I'm not. I'm looking forward to Wednesday, in particular! ;-)

  2. I don't think I've ever gone storyboarding before. Looking forward to it.


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