Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upgrade and blague du jour

I asked my 12 year old cousin what she thought of my blog and in typical fashion she told me it sucked eggs, now since am not into the YA genre I was not too worried. I did tell her to give me ideas on how to make it suck less but my little critic has been silent since, so I am throwing this out to the public my blog is one month old and might need some upgrading any ideas on what to add or what you would like to see? am already putting up a list of websites and books other people might find useful.
Now on to the blague du jour - Joke of the day
This picture was taken in Cannes, it was right by the playground in the film festival building arena. Now as a writer who often has to rely on google translate and its often inaccurate translation I appreciated this sign a lot. The hubby and I cracked up when we saw it and I simply had to share.

should it not just say Forbidden lawn?


  1. ha ha this is crazy! in retaliation for today's post little cousin (an aspiring writer/journalist) has started her own blog u can check her out at

  2. Now this is getting competitive.
    Maybe I should get my own blog moving too:
    Yay, I 'm the bomb!

    So how can you make your blog suck less? Pay me, I run a consultancy. No freebies.


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