Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something Personal

Today I have decided to share something a bit personal, no random musings today just a funny story from two years ago.

Two years ago on this day I was pregnant, cranky and overdue by 2 weeks, the source of my anger, my doctor I had been begging her to induce me for the past 3 weeks and she said "no its too dangerous for the baby" only to  to tell me in the final week " i think we might have to operate on you cos ur baby is too big and cannot even descend"

Anyways I promised you funny right? we went to the hospital on the 15th of Sept. at 4p.m. to be induced I had been told not to eat all day so i was starving, I was induced at 4 and i was told it could take up an average of 6 hrs b4 the labour started. If I weirdly did not go into labour in the next one hour they would serve me dinner(this made me very happy). At 4.30 labour started I was not a happy bunny I was starving so I told the husband to take the moms home I was determined to give birth with our parents absent, b4 he got back I lied to the nurse that I was not in labour, wolfed down a 1/2 chicken and called her at 5 to say "yep am in labour" poor student nurse panicked I really could not care less. My doctor said it was a good thing I ate because our little chipmunk did not come until 8.50 pm the next day.

I was forced to get an epidural after 17hrs which was good, it made the remaining 10 hrs feel like a dream in gas mask heaven.
This is me, I am strong and am a fighter, I don't give up easily and I am not going to stop writing because of a couple of road bumps on the way. I've heard seeing your book cover for the first feels like holding your baby for the first time in the hospital, well I cannot wait to get a new baby from publishers heaven hopefully sooner than later.

ciao ciao people


  1. What an experience! Im sure Nkechi will understand what you went through perfectly cos she went thru d same thing.

  2. Funny story! I've got a few similar ones about my own labor and deliveries (as a mom not a nurse LOL)

  3. Giving birth will make publishing your first book seem like a piece of cake. :-) Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. ha ha thanx and if u say so Liz I believe you, i'll think of this as my 2nd tri when am all happy go lucky

  5. ... I get this sneaky feeling that my once being a baby, still a feminist and being aware of what epidural, colostrum and the rest of that means will not spare me from I will hide behind Jo:
    I laughed, sniggered and remembered the 'sharp' gel from BU at least 6 years ago.

  6. You deceptive woman! You lied, even in labour!!

    I'm sure the book will turn out to be great with all the hard work you are putting in (I hope i'm right, if not...)

    Luv ya!

  7. writers are liars, that's the true test of being a writer, lie in the face of pain

  8. You are the first person I have heard of that wasn't begging for an epidural after 17 seconds.

  9. Hi Joanna, It's good you can see the funny side. I've never been blessed with kids, but I don't envy you that length of labour. LOL! Yes you do sound strong and determined, great traits for an author. Good luck with your writing. :O)


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