Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Point of View

I have a very special interview today, I am interviewing my toddler who is 2 years old today. he has graciously agreed I can interview him as long as I don't ask any mummy questions and I can keep it professional. I should warn you however our little man has a limited but bilingual vocabulary and all names have been switched to protect confidentiality.

Me: Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to see what life is like as a writer's child and I also hear its your birthday today
Jelly Bear: merci beaucoup, you are welcome I am TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he shows me how many on his finger for added emphasis)
Me: So what is it like living with a writer
Jelly Bear: its nice as long as you ignore the odd looks, incessant grumbling at the laptop and the permanent mohawk bed head she says you can't pull.
Me: do you ever feel neglected in favor of her books and laptop
Jelly Bear: All the time, I started hiding her novels when I was 1 so it took a while for her to finish any book (it was fun for me), I have also poured Orange juice on her laptop but the thing still works unfortunately.
Me: do you have any favourite book experience with this writer
Jelly Bear: oh yeah we have fun if we are reading my books and then when she first got into twilight I was around 6 months and the two of us would cuddle in her bed and pretend to read together, that was fun

Me: Is she any good as a writer?
Jelly Bear: she has a good imagination, sometimes dad has to yell her name several times to get her attention and she never sleeps till 3 or 4 at night so I let her sleep in till 9 or 9:30 before I wake her up
Me: Can you tell us something personal about you
Jelly Bear: i like to break things like cribs, toddler beds, freezer doors, I don't mind having yoghurt for breakfast, lunch and supper, write now I am trying to become a street dancer and I have a girlfriend
Me: Ooh a girlfriend tell me more
Jelly bear: she's got blond curls and blue eyes and we watch out for each other on the playground, our parents say we are very sweet together.
Me: one last burning question, why do you like to throw food everywhere
Jelly Bear: that is a mum question I'm done with you now (he gets up and stalks away)


  1. oh such an interesting interview session. Happy birthday to him once more and i hope to get to meet him soon n not when he is as tall as i am. lol.Love u n miss u.

  2. hello! About your question, nope she's not dead (and will not die at any point) :) she just had alcohol poisoning.

  3. What a great interview. Just loved it. Pity you had to ask the Mom question so soon.

  4. Ha! Ha!! Very good interview. Happy birthday Boy! Have a good one.. and about that blond girl with blue eyes, we need to have a chat.

  5. That is so cute and so brutally honest! Tell your son I think he's adorable.


  6. How adorable! I love his "I'm done with you now" answer.

  7. Glad to see a child who can keep his parent in order!

  8. Oh, I LOVE this! He's adorable! Great pics!!


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