Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Women have it better?

Random grumbling for the day: I only got 4 hours of sleep, not fair my son promised me 5

Alright so I just read about how the publishing industry is flooded by women based on the fact that 85% of the people who have less than 3 years experience in the industry are women, the writer also goes ahead to wonder if this causes a gender bias in who gets published. you can read the full story here

While I'd like to say ha! in your face guys, 19th century female writers finally get avenged. I cannot help but get a little judgemental, I would like to believe that editors and agents give a fair shot to both male and female writers, I mean seriously who would pass up a good story in favor of gender bias and still remain afloat.

What the statistics does not rule out for me though is what about the make up of those who have been in the industry for more than 3 years?
Do you think women have an advantage in this industry even if it is flooded by female editors and agents? I am fully aware this is coming right after the Franzen incident, Ironic eh?

How about a picture for the road
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  1. I only got 3 hours sleep too but I have only myself to blame. And now I better go back to bed because the print on your post was getting fuzzy.

  2. ha ha I saw u on twitter and was wondering what u were doing up late

  3. The Franzen debate also shined a light over the literary fiction vs. commercial fiction debate. A man writes a story about family and relationships = literary fiction. A woman does the same thing = romance/women's fiction. Fair? I've learned that there's nothing fair about publishing.

  4. Perception is everything. I wonder if that was why JK Rowling was JK rather than Joanne?


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