Monday, September 27, 2010

Storyboard 101: Pictures and Physical description

These are the pictures of who or what my H/h look like, I find that sticking pictures in my book helps. I have listed 10 descriptions each, are all of this descriptions going to make it into my story? Probably not but I understand what she is thinking or feeling when he smiles at her or why he thinks she is the way she is. Enjoy and at the end feel free to let us know who your character lookalikes are, or why you chose them, or if this was even remotely helpful
Drew Barrymore                                                              
DEVELOPING TALENT photo | Drew Barrymore
 It took me a long while before I finally decided who my character looked like and even when it hit me that Drew Barrymore was it, I had a difficult time finding the right picture to use. Okay on to physical descriptions that mesh with my heroine Ashley
  1. They are redheads and will sport hairstyles like the one pictured above more than once
  2. Definitely not your classic beauty, but extremely beautiful in her own way
  3.  Height, Ashley is 5'4 The jury is still out on her height but it ranges from 5'1 to 5'3
  4. Tatoos
  5. Full bottom lip
  6. Very deep you can drown in me eyes, I am still undecided about colours but for now Ashley's are green
  7. Check out her accessories exactly the kind of accessories my heroine rocks
  8. Not your average 'B' cup
  9. They both look and act quirky
  10. They have great shy smiles

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric)
This is one tall drink of Swedish water and I am obviously besotted with my hero, so let us move on

  1. Lambert, my hero is blond
  2. He is 6'4 Eric is in that range too
  3. They both have blue eyes, Lambert's changes with the intensity of his thots. I have never been close enough to Eric to be able to tell if his changes, I'll swoon and then let you know if I ever do.
  4. After being on Team Edward for such a long time I decided Lambert would be slim too
  5. Broad shoulders
  6. Very indolent walk and eyes (it actually annoys me but its part of their charm, and Lambert refuses to kowtow to my demands)
  7. Even though they are on the skinny side, they are still fit
  8. their bums look the same in jeans, but at work he dresses more like Carlisle from the twilight series (now that is a yummy doctor) numbers 9&10 are related to the picture below
  9. His face wrinkles prettily when he laughs or smiles
  10. Boyish looks
tumblr_koun0mDKwy1qzjsyfo1_400.jpg Alexander Skarsgard image by EricsFairy


  1. THose are some great looking characters and I love Drew's look in that picture.

  2. I do this too--see pics and think of my h/h. BTW, your hero is one hot tamale! Love him!

  3. Thanx I had to stop myself at 2 pictures, now am off to daydream on how I can get him to pose for the cover when i get published

  4. Okay, I had to wipe the drool off my chin after staring at Alexander Skarsgard -- Love your characters. Great picks, I'd say. :D

  5. Love the series you're doing. And Alexander Skarsgard is a personal fave of mine so thanks for the pic too! :)


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